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One of the most adored Hollywood actor who tends to have made fans from his absolute acting prowess and also flawless performance on the screen is Keanu Reeves. Most of the fans may be curious to know about Keanu Reeves net worth and his assets.

Keanu Reeves’ is someone who is known not only to play a particular genre of movies, but the actor has played almost all the genres to test out his worth. Keanu Reeves net worth valuation is the answer to his success story. Well, hang tight till the end to know more about the man.

John Wick
Keanu Reeves

Before directly entering into the life story of the man, lets me know some quick facts!

Keanu Reeves: Quick Facts

Full Name Keanu Charles Reeves
Date of Birth 1964/09 /2
Nickname Keanu
Marital Status Unmarried
Birthplace Lebanon
Disease Dyslexia
Profession Actor
Nationality Canadian
Active Year 1973-Present
Mother Patricia Bond
Father Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr.
Height 6’1″
Siblings Emma Reeves, Karina Miller, Kim Reeves
Net Worth $360 million

What is Keanu Reeves Net worth?

The actor has always gone on high in case of making good money in the film industry. The proof of the fact being the successful movies the man has done like The matrix, Pointbreak, John Wick sequel, etc.

Keanu Reeves net worth
Keanu Reeves with his custom made a racing bike

The net worth of the man is $360 million. As a matter of fact, being so rich, the man has surely lived a very low and understated lifestyle. The man seems to travel basically on local transport and to be close in with the general public.

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The simplicity has not made him too down as well, basically due to the custom range motorcycle ranger the man possesses from Gard Hollinger.

Wiki- Bio

Keanu Reeves was born as Keanu Charles Reeves on 2nd September 1964 to Patricia Reeves and Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr. The surprising fact is that the actor was born in Lebanon and raised in Toronto, Canada.  Patricia was a custom designer and performer from Essex, whereas his father is a geologist.

Actor Keanu girlfriend
Keanu Reeves with his family

The man holds Canadian citizenship whereas a green card of the USA mainly due to the father’s reach. The matrix actor moved around the world in his childhood where his mother married a lot of men. In 1970 Keanu’s mother married Paul Aaron but divorced in a year.

The readers may not be well known for the fact that Keanu had dyslexia and was not much good in education. The point break superstar was fond of ice and was a goalie for his school. The dream of playing hockey for the country ended when he encountered a serious injury.

Education and Siblings

Well, Keanu had a lot of stepdads, namely Paul Aaron, Robert Miller, Jack Bond, etc. As a matter of fact, the man shifted to a lot of places and could do much well in his studies.

The authoritative sources suggest that the man had attended five high schools and got expelled from one of them, named the Etobicoke School of Arts. The John Wick superstar didn’t complete his education and didn’t earn a diploma in his studies.

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Keanu Reeves has three siblings, namely Kim Reeves, Karina Miller, and Emma Reeves. Identically all of the siblings are in the film line as well.


The success of the man can be known by the fact that the acting career started at the age of 9.  The success story of the man started from the theatre production Damn Yankees. The flow went on at the age of 15 he played the Mercutio in the stage production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

The man moved to LA after 17 and landed his first role in the episode of Hanging In. Keanu Reeves also did commercials in 1980, notably for coca-cola. In 1986, the first studio movie of the successful man came through, namely ” Youngblood.” After exactly the movie was released, he moved to LA, and as well all know, the rest is history.

The Matrix’s neo landed a lot of notable performances as well from The Matrix, John wick, point break, The Devil’s advocate, and the list goes on and on.

The year 2005 was great for the man because he was awarded a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. The star is located at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard.

Is Keanu Reeves Gay?

Well, there are rumors about Keanu Reeves being gay as well, but there is no surety to prove the fact as well. In 2000, Keanu Reeves girlfriend Jennifer Syme gave birth premature 8-month child named Ava Archer Syme-Reeves.

Keanu Reeves wife
Keanu Reeves with Jennifer Syme

The stress related to the premature birth of the child resulted in the separation of the couple. Unfortunately, Jennifer died in a car accident in Los Angeles. Ultimately she was supposed to be fighting depression, and drugs were found in the car as well.

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The marital status of the man is single, but the star has dated lots of famous faces in Hollywood. The list starts from Amanda De Cadenet, Sandra Bullock, Hallie Meyers-Shyer, as well as Melissa Reigel and Jill Schoelen.

The charm of the man and the looks suggest that he should surely have dated a lot of women in his life, but the lack of tying the knot ha sometimes arose the rumors of the man being gay as well.

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