Kayleigh Scott Obituary

Kayleigh Scott Obituary And Suicide Case: A transgender flight attendant passed away after an apparent suicide, her Obituary revealed.

Kayleigh Scott was a transgender flight attendant who worked for United Airlines and was a beloved member of the LGBTQ community.

She was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, in the same country as her parents. 

According to rumors, she shared her story for United’s 2020 Trans Day of Visibility video, which discussed her dissatisfaction with her life. Some of her Instagram followers tried to reach out to her and offer their support.

After sharing her experience on United’s social media, the Colorado-based flight attendant gained popularity.

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Kayleigh Scott Obituary And Suicide Case

Kayleigh Scott, a transgender woman who previously shared her story in a video for United Airlines, has passed away.

She was discovered deceased at her Denver, Colorado, residence on Monday after posting a message online.

Before her death, Scott posted a poignant letter to her social media channels apologizing for disappointments and expressing her regret for not being more assertive.

Kayleigh Scott Obituary
Kayleigh Scott, a transgender woman who previously shared her story in a video for United Airlines, has passed away (Source: People)

A message online began with an apology to those she had let down and ended with the words, “Brianna, I’m coming.”

This message was a tribute to Kayleigh’s friend, Brianna Elizabeth Moore, who took her life at 15 in February 2016.

She also asked her loved ones to remember the good times they shared. After the letter was posted, Scott’s mother, Andrea Sylvestro, confirmed her daughter’s passing.

Now, an investigation is being conducted by the Denver Police Department.

Shortly after Brianna’s death, her family members initiated a fundraising Campaign to generate funds for suicide prevention initiatives and promote young people’s mental well-being.

Trans Flight Attendant Kayleigh Scott’s Mental Health Before Death

Brianna had battled depression, and a touching fundraising Campaign established in her honor stated that she had become overwhelmed by the stresses that everyone faces in life.

Her youthful heart was heavy with hopelessness, and her youthful mind was obscured by anguish.

During an interview with Something’s Coming Up, Kayleigh Scott shared her experience of realizing she was transgender.

She explained that she began feeling uncomfortable with gendered clothing and toys at a young age, eventually realizing she wasn’t a boy when she was around nine.

Unfortunately, bullying during her teenage years made her consider taking her own life as she struggled to hide her true identity.

In 2021, Scott reflected on her progress since coming out as transgender publicly two years earlier.

Despite her challenges, she expressed pride in her growth and determination to advocate for herself and others who may not have a platform to share their voice.

Kayleigh Scott’s Family Pays Tribute To Her

Ashley, Kayleigh’s sister, released a statement acknowledging Kayleigh’s passing, saying, “To everyone who has commented and is following this post, Kay has passed away.

Ashley added, thank you for your concern and the outpouring of love for her. We will miss her greatly.

Kayleigh Scott Obituary
Ashley, Kayleigh’s sister, released a statement acknowledging Kayleigh’s passing (Source: Fox5dc)

Kayleigh’s mother, Andrea Sylvestro, also posted about her daughter’s death, expressing her immense pride and admiration for everything Kayleigh had accomplished.

She described Kayleigh’s smile as beautiful, her laughter as infectious, and her heart more significant than anyone could have understood.

Sylvestro ended the post by urging Kayleigh to climb mountains, live freely, and let the wind carry her away, sending all her love to her “beautiful girl.”

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