Katherine Woods Murder

People are curious to know about Catherine Woods murder case. Learn more about the murder details.

Catherine Elizabeth Woods, 21, was brutally killed on November 27, 2005, at around 6:30 pm in her Upper East Side apartment in New York City, located at 355 East 86th Street, close to York Avenue.

Her longtime live-in companion David Haughn, 23, who Woods was friends with in their hometown, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, and with whom she had been close for more than four years, found her body.

Dr Jon Woods, who oversees the Ohio State University Marching Band, has an older daughter named Catherine.

Catherine desired to perform on Broadway and was an incredibly talented, classically trained dancer.

The main suspect is Paul Vincent Cortez, a 25-year-old personal trainer and yoga instructor at New York City’s luxurious Equinox Club on Third Avenue.

Catherine Woods Murder Case: Where Is Killer Paul Cortez?

The murder charge of Paul Cortez in the 2005 murder of his dancer ex-girlfriend Catherine Woods got upheld by the state’s highest court.

The evidence against Cortez exceeded any mistakes made by his lawyers or the trial judge, based on the Court of Appeals.

Katherine Woods Murder
Catherine Woods, a dancer-turned-stripper, was killed, and Paul Cortez was convicted. (Source: Bonnie’s Blog of Crime – WordPress.com)

Cortez was found guilty of killing Woods, 21, in her Upper East Side apartment by stabbing her 20 times and slitting her throat. He received a 25-year to life prison term.

He was allegedly jealous of the classically trained dancer since she had been working as a stripper and living in an apartment with another man after moving to Manhattan from Ohio to pursue her Broadway dream.

Catherine’s throat was cut; her jugular vein, larynx, and carotid artery were all wholly severed.

The crime scene inside her flat was described as bloody and terrible; she also had significant cuts on her hands from fending off her attacker.

Since she had no oxygen in her brain and no blood flow, Catherine nearly died immediately.

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What Are The Arrest And Charge Of Catherine Woods Murder Case?

According to The New York Post, Police have video evidence that shows Cortez was nearby Woods’ Upper East Side building when the brunette, 21, was brutally murdered.

According to sources, the murder would have occurred in around five minutes, and the assassin would have had something to wear over his clothes or a change of clothes in case blood splashed on him.

Katherine Woods Murder
Paul Cortez brutally murdered Catherine Woods. (Source: Gawker)

Except for a bloody fingerprint that Police claim to have discovered on Woods’ bedroom wall, the case against Cortez was primarily circumstantial.

Cortez claimed he had visited Woods’ apartment frequently and had possibly touched that wall when he took the witness stand to defend himself.

The trial also featured the introduction of Cortez’s diaries, which he wrote about in pain due to the victim’s rejection of him. He is presently serving a sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

Several legal arguments support the appeal, but the author reserves his harshest criticism for Cortez’s former counsel Laura Miranda and Dawn Florio.

He was a skilled singer and Actor who had received scholarships to prestigious schools throughout his early life. He was the main vocalist for a band and a follower of the Hindu religion at the time of the murder.

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