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Readers might be aware of the VOX media, which is making a step in the field of online journalism. Well, there are lots of individuals making this site an outstanding success. Liz Plank is one of them. Another name surely is Joss Fong.

Joss is a talented lady who is associated with VOX media at this point. Her contribution as a senior editorial producer is outstanding. Fong has always been part of journalism from her reading days. Well, there is more to her than just being part of journalism. Stay till the end.

Joss Fong net worth
Joss Fong

But first, some quick facts cut without a doubt

Joss Fong: Quick Facts

Full Name Jocelyn Kathleen Fong
Date of Birth 1988/05 /22
Nickname Joss Fong
Marital Status Single
Birthplace New York, USA
Ethnicity White
Age 32
Profession Journalist
Nationality American
Height 5’5″
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Build Slim
Net Worth $3 million
Online Presence Twitter, Instagram


Jocelyn Kathleen Fong was born on 22nd May 1988 in New York. The name of her mother is Beverly Fong, while the father’s name is not available out in public. It’s quite surprising at times, but there might be some personal issues behind it. Added to all of this, Fong has two siblings Linda Fong the sister, and one brother.

Joss holds American nationality along with white ethnicity. Her zodiac sign falls under Gemini, which suggests the fact that she has an innate ability to communicate. Inevitably Joss connects with her journalism work.

Age and Body Measurements| How Tall Is Joss Fong?

Joss is 32 years old as of now. She stands at the height of 5’5” and 60 kgs. Looking at her outlook, the diva is cute, but her work is purely robust and commendable. The reason for the slim body might be due to the regular workout and a healthy diet. To add up, the vital body statistics stand at 33-27-30 inches.

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Joss has entered her 30’s, but she does every possible activity to look pleasant and charming in front of the camera. To complete the physical outlook, brown eyes, along with the dark brown hair, plays the lead role.

Early Life and Education

Joss was born in New York, spending her early life there with the family and siblings. Due to the lack of information on her father, we feel there was a divorce scenario in Fong’s family. One thing is sure that Jong was highly interested in journalism from a very young age.

For the educational background though Fong was enrolled in New York University after matriculation. She also went to Goshen College and later to the Science Health and environmental reporting program in 2013.

Most of the readers might not know, but she holds a master’s degree in science journalism from NYU. With a keen interest in journalism, she worked during her study days too.


One of the surest things about the life of Joss was surely the career she wanted to hold in her future.

While she was part of the study, Joss joined the Media Matter for America organization. It was in the year 2008, and she was there for 4 years. In the year 2012, she left the organization and did some other works too.

Joss Fong is associated with VOX Media

Media Matters is an organization established in 2004 by journalist David Brock in response to the Media Research Centre, which is highly known as the criticizer of conservative media outlets and journalists.

After a year of leaving the Media Matter took place, she was seen being involved with Scientific America. It is a famous American science magazine. She was part of it in August 2013.

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The role being Video Production Intern, which was an accumulation of shoot, animation, editing, publishing the web videos. All of this helped her in the long run.

What changed her life surely is the association with the VOX media. This came in the year 2014 of June. The role of this diva was as the senior editorial producer. It was a career in the VOX that made her fans, and also journalism took a peak.

After working there for 5 years, things are still going strong for her. The main activities performed are making explanatory videos which are related to science and technology and also health.

To be precise, Fong makes the explainer videos for VOX that are highly liked by the fans of this site.

All of these videos are posted on the VOX website and social media. With changing times, inevitably, Joss will take up the challenge, and we will make readers aware of every success attainment of Fong.

Husband| Who Is Joss Fong Husband?

If you are working in front of the camera, then surely there are lots of questions that tend to hit you hard. Joss is also not left untouched. This hardworking ladies’ love life is the field of interest for lots of fans.

At times Fong was rumored to be dating VOX’s director Dion Lee. There was no official announcement about this matter, though. In the end, it turned out to be one of the hoaxes. So at this point, Joss is single and working great.

One thing is sure that Joss is neither married nor engaged up until this point in time. At times when asked, Fong states that working well and making a legacy is paramount, love can wait. We hope that she finds some pretty decent individual with time.

Net Worth| How Much Does Joss Fong Earns?

There are lots of news that need to be delivered to the fans, and the journalist tends to do it with great ease. All of this provides them with the required fame and also a considerable amount of fortune. As of 2020, Fong owns the net worth of $3 million.

Association with VOX media and also other journalist works undoubtedly has helped her. If one information is available, the other remains under the radar. There is sadly no information about the annual income and assets owned about Fong.

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Besides her work in the media, Joss is highly fond of traveling and cats. Most of the Instagram posts tend to flaunt the cat, which suggests the love for the animal is commendable from Joss.

Whatever might be the case, she is living a lavish life with her loved ones.

Social Media Reach

Journalism is a vivid field of work if performed well. Most of the journalist is pretty famous in the social media platforms and loves to connect with their fans. If readers want to follow Joss Fong, then the social media profiles are

Instagram– 24.6k followers

Twitter– 24.5k followers

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