Jordan McSweeney was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of sexual assault and murder in the death of Zara Aleena.

“Is Jordan McSweeney Gypsy?” the question has perplexed many netizens who are following the tragic murder case of Zara.

Zara Aleena had just started legal practices with the Royal Courts of Justice. Little did she know on June 26, she would be a victim of manslaughter.

Jordan McSweeney Gypsy: Is He A Traveller?

The Surname “McSweeney” roots back to Ireland with the people of Norse-Gaelic Origin. 

So, the question arises, is Jordan McSweeney a Gypsy and comes from a foreign land? No, reports have shown that he spent his whole life in the UK.

The 29 years old murderer, Jordan McSweeney, had spent much of his youth in Rochester and Kent.

He was born in Dagenham, West London, and his neighbors from his old place described that he was seriously neglected as a young child.

Jordan was deprived of the love of both of his parents, which probably led to his spiteful, vindictive & aggressive nature. 

Jordan Mcsweeney Gypsy: Is He A Traveller?
Jordan Mcsweeney Gypsy: Is He A Traveller? (Source: Yahoo Answers!)

In a report, he mentioned that his first memory of his Father was when he tried to drown his mother in the bath.

Until 16, he lived a horrible life where all of his mother’s partners were abusive. Later, he was moved into the care of a local childcare service.

Whatever the history of the past, the criminal act of murdering someone cannot be justified for any reason. He was not a traveler or gypsy. 


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Jordan Mcsweeney: Zara Aleena Murder Case

On June 25, 2022, 35-year-old Zara Aleena was walking home after spending the evening with her friend.

As she walked, she was followed by Jordan McSweeney, a 29-year-old man with a history of violence and previous criminal convictions.

He violently attacked her, pulling her into a driveway and repeatedly kicking and stamping her.

He caused 46 separate injuries, including severe blunt-force trauma to her head, deep lacerations to her scalp, and genital injuries.

Jordan Mcsweeney Ex
Jordan Mcsweeney’s ex says she is grateful that she is still alive (Source: The Irish Sun)

The attack was so severe that it resulted in traumatic brain injury, and she was pronounced dead shortly after being taken to the hospital.

McSweeney, who had been released on license from prison just nine days before the attack, was arrested and later pleaded guilty to the murder of Zara Aleena.

The judge in the case characterized Jordan McSweeney as tending towards aggression and violence.

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Jordan Mcsweeney Probation Before Committing Murder

According to a report by the Chief Inspector of Probation, the Probation Service made several mistakes in dealing with Jordan McSweeney.

He was the sexual predator who killed law graduate Zara Aleena just days after he was released from jail.

The report states that McSweeney should have been treated as a high-risk offender, but due to the errors, he was not and was able to commit the crime.

Before the murder of Zara, he had already been charged with 28 past convictions for 69 different offenses over 17 years. 

Murderer Jordan Mcsweeney gets life sentence in prison
Murderer Jordan Mcsweeney gets life sentence in prison (Source: Evening Standard)

The report also states that probation staff was overworked and understaffed and that these conditions led to missed opportunities to prevent the crime.

One worker faced disciplinary action over the case, but no further action was taken.

The report concludes that until standards improve, it is almost impossible to be confident that the public is adequately protected from criminals on probation.

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