Often time, Hollywood fails to portray the real perspective of the Black community. But all that is about to change as more and more young black actors are getting aware of this situation. And someone like Jonathan Daviss is vying to make a change, despite being new in the entertainment industry.

For those who don’t know, Jonathan is a rising actor who is famous as Pope Heyward from the Netflix original series Outer Banks. Even though he questioned and doubted himself for the role, we can agree that no one could have better played the character.

Jonathan Daviss age
Jonathan Daviss is famous as Pope Heyward in the Netflix series Outer Banks.

Since the first season’s success, many fans have been anticipating and waiting for the next season. With this, fans have been curious about his real life as well.

Not to mention, many have been curious about Jonathan’s personal life, his upbringing, and of course, his dating life. All that will be answered right here, right this moment.

Jonathan Daviss: Quick Facts

Full Name Jonathan Daviss
Birth Date February 28, 1999
Age 25 Years Old
Birth Place Conroe, Texas, US
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Education Santa Monic College
Horoscope Pisces
Father’s Name Jonathan Daviss, Sr.
Mother’s Name Yulanda Creamer-Daviss
  • Jillian
  • Jasmine
  • Jaden
Height 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm)
Weight  75 kgs(165 lbs)
Marital Status Single
Partner  None
Profession Actor
Active years  2013-present
Net Worth  $100K
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Updated July,2024

Who is Jonathan Daviss?

Jonathan Daviss is a rising American actor who has been gaining momentum in the acting industry just recently. He is best known as Pope Heyward in the Netflix original Outer Banks. After watching the show, we know the character could not have been played better than Jonathan himself.

How old is Jonathan Daviss from Outer Banks?- Height in cm

Nowadays, the original series Outer Banks have been getting a lot of attention for its compelling story and casts. Jonathan Daviss is also getting a lot of attention for his role. This dashing actor was born on February 28, 1999, which makes him 21 years old.

Likewise, Jonathan’s star sign happens to be Pisces. And from what we know, they are creative, friendly, and brimming with talent. Not to mention, Daviss is making a buzz with his acting.

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Along with his acting, it is his dandy looks that catch his attention immediately. This young man is 6 feet 1 inch(185 cm) and weighs around 75 kgs(165 lbs). Other than that, Jonathan has short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Where was Jonathan Daviss born? Family and Education

Jonathan Daviss was just a naive black boy growing up in the neighborhood of Conroe, South of Houston, Texas. He was raised by his father, Jonathan Daviss Sr., and his mother, Yulanda Creamer-Daviss. Unlike him now, Jonathan’s father is a real-estate agent while his mother works in an insurance company.

Aside from his parents, Daviss has three sisters named Jillian, Jasmine, and Jaden. As for his education, young Daviss went to Conroe High School in Texas, where he starred on the high school team. He was also interested in other sports and was even a part of a little league baseball team.

Jonathan Daviss sister, birthday
Young Jonathan Daviss with his sister in a ‘Naruto’ themed noodle shop.

Likewise, Jonathan then graduated from Santa Monica College and attended drama classes. Before this, Daviss was bound to choose the usual path of pursuing higher education through sports, scholarships, or other traditional methods.

Thankfully, Daviss’s parents always supported his decision to be an actor. After this, the whole family moved to Hollywood Hills.

Net Worth and Income Estimation

From a naive young boy to now a sensational and rising actor, Jonathan Daviss never thought of being an actor while growing up. But now the time has changed, and Daviss is the hot topic among young fans. Also, he is loved for his role as Pope in the Netflix series Outer Banks.

Since Jonathan started acting in 2013, only a few years have passed. Hence, as of now, Daviss’s net worth is estimated to be around $100k, which is not certain. Likewise, not many details are known when it comes to his income and assets.

“Jonathan Daviss is not your typical nerd boy”- Career.

With his desire to be an actor and support from his family, Jonathan vigorously pursued acting. Once determined, young Daviss moved to Los Angeles and slept on his friend’s couch for days due to lack of money. Then to make ends meet, Daviss worked as a sales associate at Saks Off 5th while also charging Bird scooters part-time.

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Likewise, in 2013, after years of hard work and contribution, Daviss made his debut in the series Revolution. After that, he appeared in the 2014 TV movie Deliverance Creek as Samuel Washington. It was his first television movie.

That same year, young Daviss starred in a minor role in the television series Sherlock. Three years later, in 2017, Jonathan appeared as Young Spike in the short movie, All the Marbles. Moreover, the following year, this American actor starred as Jay Tibbs in ‘Edge of the World’ and another film, Age of Summer and Shattered Memories. 


But it is his portrayal of Pope Heyward in the Netflix original series Outer Banks that has fans going mad for him. Since the airing of the series on April 15, Jonathan has been getting admiration from the fans of the show. So why is Jonathan getting love for his role?

Well, for starters, Daviss is an amazing actor, and he has professed how similar his character is with Pope. According to Jonathan, Pope is a loyal, awkward, and sweet character in his youth. Despite being the brightest, Daviss is someone viewers don’t expect to win the fight and then prevail.

“He’s a surfer. He’s funny and can do dangerous stuff. Pope’s loyal, awkward, sweet, but also a wildcard.”

However, what makes his acting more endearing is the way he relates his character in a personal manner. Pope, who is a young black boy, tells the story from a perspective not often shared in Hollywood. Not to mention, Jonathan’s father collaborated with him and the writers to make sure his on-screen persona felt realistic.


Along with that, Jonathan had honest conversations with E. Roger Mitchell, his father in the hit series. Instead of showing the usual caricatural portrayal of Black fathers in Hollywood, the two worked to show real and accurate, and organic feelings.

Because of it, Daviss wants his viewers to see and relate themselves to the Pope. With this, the young actor also wished to create an authentic representation of the Black community on screen.

More on Jonathan Daviss’s Personal Life

When it comes to Jonathan, we know how irresistible he can be. This young man has many fans vying for a spot in his heart. But is there anyone who has succeeded?

For the moment, the American actor is single and is not dating anyone. Not only that, but he has yet to be linked with anyone. Rather than that, Daviss is more focused on his career and honing his skills. If not, then Jonathan is busy promoting social issues and learning new things.

Jonathan Daviss dating
Jonathan Daviss is single at the moment.

Now, talking about his habit, Jonathan loves playing the guitar and has been spending the lockdown jamming to it. He is a big fan of Donald Glover, an actor, rapper, and content creator.

Likewise, Daviss spends most of his free time with his friends, whether hiking or relaxing. He often goes on beach vacations. Also, one of his favorite movies happens to be ‘The Road to El Dorado’ from 2000. Aside from that, Jonathan is an avid fan of anime and comic books.

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Moreover, he and his sister are die-hard fans of Kakashi Hatake from the famous Naruto series. They even dressed up like the character during their family trip to Florida. Not to mention, Jonathan even took his family to a Naruto-themed restaurant in Orlando named Noodle.

Social Media Presence

Instagram– 3.7 million Followers

Twitter–  202.5k Followers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How did Jonathan Daviss get famous?

Jonathan has a breakthrough act by starring in the role of Pope in the Netflix series Outer Bank.

Is Jonathan single?

Yes, he is single and has shown no sign of having any significant other in his life.

Is Jonathan a Naruto fan?

Yes, he and his sister have constantly been showing their love for Japanese anime Naruto and have even cosplayed their favorite character from the series, Hatake Kakashi,  during their trip to Florida. 


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