Joker at Venice Films

Nobody panics when things go according to plan. Similarly, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is taking the hype according to the program and doing it pretty well. The movie has not even hit the theatres, and it has started to bag awards globally. Added to this, Joker wins the Golden Lion award too.

Joker wins Golden Lion
Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips

The standup comedian who turns out to be the crime prince of the city Gotham is a story to watch out for. The riveting storyline and cliff-hanging trailer is something that is making the audience restless at this point.

Joker Wins Venice Golden Lion Award

The famous Joker was premiered at the Venice film festival on August 31, and to no surprise, it received an 8-min standing ovation at the premiere. This was the sign of coming from the movie.

As we know that the Venice Film Festival is the world’s oldest film festival, it is a matter of sheer honor to get the Golden Lion Award. The 76th Venice film festival award came to an end as it ran from August 28 through to September 7.

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Likewise, the receiver of the previous Golden Lion awards includes the like of The Shape Of Water by Guillermo del Toro and also Roma by Alfonso Cuaron.

The 76th Venice film festival award was something of a huge event, and Joker won prestigious awards by defeating the movie An Officer and a Spy. The director of this movie is a controversial individual with proof of sexual relations with 13 years old.

Does Joker Deserve the Golden Lion

Well, this one of the exciting things to talk about. It is so because there is hardly any movie this year that has reached this level of hype and also able to accommodate fans from only the trailer release. Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is expected to make millions from its first weekend.

The director-actor duo of Joaquin and Todd Phillips is something that will bind the audience. The inclusion of Robert De Niro will surely add up spice to the well-prepared dish. Earlier there have been lots of Joker portrayal by artists like Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto, iconic Heath Ledger, and now Joaquin Phoenix.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker
Todd and Joaquin receiving the award

Joaquin is one of the most experimental and also hard-working actors, whereas the versatile approach of Todd Phillips can be known by the fact that he is specialized in comedy movies.

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But this experiment from comedy to dark humor and realities of society might surely take the audience on a rollercoaster ride. Henceforth we feel the awards as the Golden Lion is the deserved one.

Other Awards from the night in Venice Film Festivals

The 76th Venice film festival came to a close, but there were surprises that we left to unfold on its award night. Beyond Joker, other various awards were presented to the deserved ones.

Golden Lion Joker
Grand Jury Prize An Officer and a Spy
Silver Lion for Best Director About Endlessness
Volpi Cup for Best Actress Gloria Mundi
Volpi Cup For the Best Actor Martin Eden
Best Screenplay No. 7 Cherry Lane
Special Jury Prize The Mafia Is No Longer What It Used To Be
Marcello Mastroianni Award For Young Actor Baby Teeth

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