Joker Release Cancelled, Advance Booking Dismissed

Joker is not a movie, but it is an emotion that tends to bind a lot of movie fan all around the globe. Most of the fans have been looking to their calendars from over a year to watch the story unfold amid October. But well Joker Release cancelled is a piece of news that can jolt any fan.

Sadly it is for the group of Joker fans that tend to live in Southern part of Himalayans. Well after all the bookings are on a roll and audiences in full excitement, the news surely is terrible, and this is nothing more than a shock. The iconic portrayal of Joker at this point will not be a treat for the fans of the beautiful country of Himalayans Nepal.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker

For the craving fans waiting in the middle of the festival, this is a piece of jolting news, and they hardly can take it in after such warm booking options.

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At the time when the world will be loving the charm and negative aura of Phoenix, the fans from the Himalayans must wait for the time being.

Is Nepal the only one to suffer the non-Release?

Well, this might come along like a piece of exciting news, but the iconic portrayal by Joaquin won’t provide the looks for the fans in some parts of Colorado too. This Todd Phillips movie won’t hit the theatres at Aurora, Colorado. This is related to the mass shooting that took place seven years ago.

In the time of The Dark Knight rises to release a man named James Holmes entered the theatre and started shooting which left 12 dead and a lot of people injured. When later interrogated about this fact, Holmes referred himself as the iconic Joker and wanted to implant a sense of authority which is a sense of the jittery concept.

When the 2019 Joker is all set to hit the theatre, the family of 2012 victims have written down stating the need to stop the violence and also roll down the criminal mindset from the society.

We hope that the families are holding on well and the non-release of the movie might provide them to erase such a horrendous event.

What to Expect?

Lastly, its a matter of shame that the release has been called off but all we believe is that the movie will hit the theatres soon and also bind the people around.

Joker release cancelled evidently is a news that will devastate the fans of this iconic character.

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