John Henton

The comedians are the saddest person in real life. Similar is the case of John Henton. He is one of the leading comedians, but his real-life relationship is a bit of a joke itself.

He cannot manage his relationship for long and spends most of his time alone and tumbling. Let’s know in-depth about his personal and professional life in detail.

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John Henton

Well, to do all of this quick first at the first acts as a boost.

John Henton: Quick Facts

Full Name John Henton
Date of Birth 1960 /11 /23
Nickname John
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Ohio, USA
Ethnicity Afro-American
Daughter Nicole Simone
Profession Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter
Nationality American
Online Presence Twitter
Eye color Black
Hair color Bald


John Henton was born on 1960, 23rd November. His birthplace was Ohio. There is no factual information about his parents, but sources suggest he has a brother named Lindsay Henton.

Furthermore, he belongs to Afro-American ethnicity and also American nationality.

Age and Body Measurements

John was born in 1960, which makes him 59 years old as of now. There is no information about his height or weight. But looking at his build-up, he has considerable influence and looks a lanky fellow. Henton’s vital body statistics are also not available.

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Beyond all this, Henton owns black eyes, and he is bald, which aids his personality.

Early Life and Education

John was born in Ohio and spent most of his childhood there. There is no idea about his father, but his siblings were always there to make his childhood a good one. John’s class and composure show the fact that he had pretty good nurturing.

For Henton’s educational background, we can say that he attended Shaw High School and graduated from there. He was pretty good at his studies.

John Henton Career

John has always been a hard worker from an early age. He is a comedian and also an actor, but comedy came first in his life. In the year 1982, when he used to do nine to five job, he decided to give comedy a try, and things changed.

By 1985 Henton moved to LA from Ohio to give his standup comedy a try, and what an experiment it turned out. He left his job and made standup comedy his full-time thing, and today he is one of the well-known comedians. When in LA, he won the Johnny Walker National Comedy Search in 1991.

His class as a comedian was making quick strides, and it caught the eye of Jim McCawley. Jim is a comedy executive at The Tonight Show featuring Johnny Carson. Well, Henton was booked for the show, and his life took a beautiful U-turn.

His great run went through series as well, where he did considerable work. Some of them are Living Singles, The Hughleys, One on One, The Parkers, For Your Love, Hannah Montana, and Love, That Girl.

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Not only this, but John is a pretty good writer. Our readers might not know, but BET’s Comicview lent his writing skills in 2004, and he also produced Silent Bomb in 1994.

Eye Accident

Well, one of the shocking accidents to occur on an artist is undoubtedly John Henton. Back in time in 2000, this comedian had a tragic car accident.

The accident was so severe that he damaged his eye socket and had plastic surgery on most of his face. Not only this, but he fractured both his legs and also 11 teeth. Well, it was one of the narrow escapes. Henton didn’t lose his eyes, but it still is in the recovering phase.

John Henton Wife

Love doesn’t look for the age gap; instead, it just looks like the love between the two. Similar is the case of John and his ex-lover. Well, he was in a romantic relationship with Michele Delaney.

It might come as a surprise, but Michele is 18 years younger than Henton, but this love grew and grew very well. Michele and Henton came to know each other as co-stars, but there is no accuracy in how did it all started and how did it get stronger.

The relationship strength can be known by the fact that these love birds share a kid named Nicole Simone, who was born on 8th March 2004. Nicole is the only child of Henton and Michele.

john henton daughter
Nicole Simone

Like the relationship started mysteriously, it ended in the same way when they parted ways for each other. They were almost on the verge of sharing their vows, but things didn’t go that well.

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No one knows why they broke up with each other, but sharing a child and being that close is surprising if the marriage was never on the cards. As of now, he is single and enjoys his time with his daughter.

Net Worth

John is a comedian, a writer, and also an actor. It is a well-known fact that such a multi-tasking individual makes good bucks. Sadly we don’t have stats to support how much John’s net worth is at this moment.

He is secretive in money matters and has not disclosed either salary count or net worth. There is no idea about cars or also the houses owned.

We feel he is making great bucks from his versatile career. As of now, he is living out a lavish lifestyle in LA with his daughter.

Social Media Reach

Twitter3,020 followers


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