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If your nicknames are more famous than your original names, then surely you have a big fan following. John Gabbana is an American rapper who has been entertaining the audience for an extended period.

John is a well-known social media personality, too, which is slowly climbing up the ranks. There is more to the rapper, so readers are seated for some proper information on the talented artist.

John Gabbana net worth
John Gabbana

But first, some quick facts surely helps the search.

John Gabbana: Quick Facts

Full Name John Robert Hill, Jr.
Date of Birth 1996/08 /03
Nickname John Gabbana
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Miami, USA
Ethnicity Afro-American
Age 24
Profession Rapper, Social Media Personality
Nationality American
Height 6 ft
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Sun Sign Leo
Net Worth $200k
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter & Youtube

Who Is John Gabbana?

John Robert Hill Jr, or Boonk Gang, is an American social media personality turned rapper who is known for his stunts at times. Sources claim the rapper is in a relationship.

Age and Parents

John Gabbana was born on 3rd August 1996 in Miami Garden, USA. John Robert Hill Sr and Simona Ariel is the name of his parents. Added to that, the rappers have a stepdad too. Surprisingly John has 14 siblings.

John holds the American nationality along with the Afro-American ethnicity. He is 24 years old. The zodiac sign falls under Leo, which suggests the fact that he is direct and honest for sure.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

John is just into his mid 20’s so the rapper has his whole life left in front of him to makes great things happen. He stands at the height of 6 ft and also weighs 78 kgs. Looking at the height, we feel the weight is perfect. Moreover, the vital body statistics stands at 38-32-37 inches.

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Gabbana is a decent looking individual who has an outgoing personality, which attracts a lot of fans—added to that, the shoe size reads 8. To complete the physical outlook, dark brown eyes along with black hair plays an important role.

Early Days and Education

Gabba was born in Miami and spent his childhood there with the family members. His mother married twice, suggesting the fact that he had a pretty tough out childhood for sure. It is also due to the number of siblings the rapper had. Most of his basic needs were fulfilled, and the rapper was interested in music from the beginning.

John is silent on the educational attainment. Some of the sources claim the artist is graduated, but nothing accurately can be said about it. In her study days, the hardworking individual tried his hand in baseball, football, basketball, and track races. It looks like the physicality is fruitful in him.


As Gabbana is a name at this point, things were not always the same. His interest fluctuated with time. The start was seen in sports, but with time things changed.

For getting the basic needs fulfilled, John worked at Popeye’s Chicken restaurant. There were casual hardships for the man that resulted in loot, vandalism, and break-ins as well. It was at this time the man started writing songs and also doing rap.

With great inspiration from FatBoy SSE, Gabbana started to involve in social media platforms. This allowed him to get fame, and slowly the rap songs were seen on social media too.

Sadly his Instagram account was deleted later when there was explicit content violating the rules. The debut EP Atypical Latin Groove hit the audience in 2009. It included the songs like De Ia Isla and Good Morning.

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There were mixed reviews, but the road was steep. Till this point, the most famous song of John is Muttin that received rave reviews from the fans and critics. Gabbana is fond of trying new things.

In 2017 the artist released his own game Boonk Gang: The Video Game, which is his personal named game. Some of the famous songs of the musicians are Weird-Ass Niggas, Either Way, It Go, Gabbana Attack, and many more.

What’s more different and unique about John is Youtube uploads. The talented individual is famous for doing life-threatening stunts. Sex tape release on Instagram, overdosing on Xanax, and many more.

When asked, Gabbana states that all of this stunt is done to get fans to like his music and follow it with passion. As time goes by, we feel that there is more to come from Gabbana, and readers will be updated about it.

Is John Gabba Dead?

This question was highly asked around 2018. It was because Gabba got silent about his personal life and was not seen on social media too.

There were reports that a drug deal went wrong, and John was shot dead. Later the confirmation came out that the shooting was a hoax and it was a publicity stunt.

Who Is John Gabbana Girlfriend?

What do you expect from a guy who uploads the secret tapes on Instagram? Does he have a girlfriend or not. Well, there were rumors that the man was dating someone. But due to the calm nature of the rapper, everything is under the wraps.

John Gabbana Career
John Gabbana during an event

Similar to his professional life, personal life is quite a muddle. Some sources claim the social media star has a kid about, which he indicated in one of the posts.

Although the artist is silent on all of his love interest, one thing is sure, he is neither married nor engaged up until now. We feel career is the main priority at this point.

Net Worth: Income and Salary

If you have the skills to make music, the fan and fortune tend to come along your way with ease. Similar is the case of Gabbana, who owns a net worth of $200k as of 2020.

All of this is the result of music, social media, and also the merchandise the rapper has launched. This helps him to earn the right amount. Other than this, John also owns an Audi along with a vast collection of shoes.

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In his free time though, the musician loves to watch Will Smith’s movies and dive into Italian food. Even though there is proper information on the net worth and assets, the annual income is a far cry.

At this point, Gabbana lives in Miami with his loved ones. This ascertains the fact that Gabbana has a lavish lifestyle.

Internet Fame

The career that started with Instagram has travelled to places for sure. It is due to social media that John has a vast number of fans. Readers can follow the artist on:

Instagram642k followers

Twitter7604 followers

Youtube307k followers

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