John Edwards Scandal

John Edwards Scandal: A Look at the Infamous Affair Scandal that Brought Down a Prominent Political Figure

John Edwards is a former American politician and lawyer, best known for serving as the U.S. senator from North Carolina and running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004 and 2008.

Edwards, a politician, was born on June 10, 1953, in Seneca, South Carolina. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in textile management from North Carolina State University in 1974, followed by a law degree from the University of North Carolina.

Edwards began his career as an attorney in Nashville, Tennessee. Despite his political ambitions, his personal life became the subject of scandal.

The attorney was arrested in 2011 on six felony charges of violating federal Campaign contribution laws to cover up an extramarital affair with Rielle Hunter.

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John Edwards Scandal: His Affair With Rielle Hunter

In 2008, John Edwards was a highly respected politician with a bright future ahead of him. However, his reputation was tarnished when it was revealed that he had an affair with Rielle Hunter, a videographer on his Campaign team.

At the time of the affair, Edwards was still married to his wife, Elizabeth Edwards, who had breast Cancer. She would tragically pass away in 2010.

The affair with Hunter resulted in the birth of Edwards’ daughter and raised suspicions that he had used Campaign funds to cover up the affair.

John Edwards Scandal
John’s reputation was tarnished when it was revealed that he had an affair with Rielle Hunter, a videographer on his Campaign team. (Source: NPR)

Prosecutors alleged that Edwards had collected more than the legal limit of Campaign donations to hide his relationship with Hunter.

He was subsequently arrested for violating federal Campaign finance laws and using the money to hide the affair from the public and his wife. Prosecutors claimed that Edwards had spent $900,000 to keep the affair and his daughter a secret.

The affair began in February 2006 when Edwards met Hunter at a New York City bar. At first, Edwards denied the affair. However, the truth eventually emerged, and the scandal became public knowledge.

In the legal case against Edwards, the jury decided he was not guilty of one accusation, but they couldn’t decide on three other accusations.

The prosecutors had to decide if they wanted to try the case again, but they chose not to because it would be complicated and expensive, and they weren’t sure if they would win. The investigation into the case cost $2 million. 

The affair scandal significantly impacted Edwards’ personal life and career, ultimately leading to his downfall as a politician.

John Edwards Kids And Wife

John Edwards married Elizabeth Anania in 1977 and had four children together.

His sons Wade Edwards and Jack Edwards were born in 1979 and 2000. Likewise, his daughters Cate Edwards and Emma Claire were born in 1982 and 1998. 

Wade tragically passed away at 16 in a car accident in 1996. The loss profoundly impacted Edwards; after the incident, he began philanthropy and public service. 

John Edwards Scandal
John Edwards married Elizabeth Anania in 1977, and they had four children: Wade, Jack, Cate, and Emma. (Source: CBS news)

His first wife, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with breast Cancer in November 2004. In June 2010, Elizabeth published Resilience which highlighted her husband’s affair. She passed away on December 7, 2010, at 61 years of age.  

During Edward’s affair with Rielle Hunter, he fathered a daughter named Frances Quinn Hunter in 2008. He initially denied being the Father for two years before admitting to it in 2010.

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