Jinyoung Sister

Having gained fame as a GOT7 member and actor, fans are interested in learning about the K-pop idol’s family, including Jinyoung Sister Soo Young and Bo Young.

The world of K-pop has seen many changes and is constantly revolutionizing alongside news stars and their unique approaches to music. However, it was third-generation K-pop idols who took the genre to the next level and made it renowned in a global sense.

While BTS and EXO launched the third generation of K-pop, groups such as GOT7 stood out with their emphasis on hip-hop, street dancing, and mixing martial arts tricks as dance elements.

With each of the seven members specializing in vocals, performance, rap, and production, Jinyoung became known for his melodic vocals. He is also among the best dancers and is considered the group’s visual.

Aside from his singing career, Jinyoung has entered the acting scene and has starred in many films, web series, and TV series. He has also hosted several shows.

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Meet Jinyoung Sister Soo Young And Bo Young – Family Background

The GOT7 member’s story is that of struggle, determination, and hard work. He didn’t get famous overnight; instead, he trained and practiced 24/7 to hone his talents.

The vocalist was born Park Jin-young to his loving parents on September 22, 1994. It has been reported that Jinyoung’s family was initially against his desire to be an entertainer.

Jinyoung’s mother only allowed him to audition for SM Entertainment on the condition that if he failed, he would have to give up his ambitions.

However, he made it to the final preliminary round and started taking dance classes. Eventually, he became a trainee at JYP Entertainment and later debuted with JB and five other members as GOT7.

Jinyoung Sister
Jinyoung Is The Youngest Of Three Siblings (Source: Koreaboo)

Likewise, Jinyoung is the youngest of three siblings. His older sisters, Soo Young and Boo Young, are five and three years older than him, respectively.

However, the ladies prefer to stay out of the limelight and keep a low profile.

Hence, it is unknown what Jinyoung’s sisters are involved in professionally. But, it seems unlikely that Soo Young and Boo Young are engaged in the entertainment sector like their brother.

Jinyoung Military Enlistment – Second GOT7 Member To Enlist

As the title suggests, Jinyoung enlisted for his mandatory military service on May 8, 2023.

To those unaware, South Korea has a strict policy of mandatory military service for male citizens for about 18 to 21 months.

The Korean sensation’s agency, BH Entertainment, announced his military enlistment plans in April.

The company also shared how there will be no separate official event and asked fans to refrain from visiting the idol at the site.

The GOT7 star wrote a fan letter where he assured everyone of returning healthy and as a better person. In addition, he thanked fans for their love and expressed gratitude.

Following Jinyoung’s military enlistment, fans took to social media, including Twitter, to say farewells.

#WeWillWaitForJinyoung was trending worldwide on Twitter, and many fans tweeted how they would wait for Jinyoung’s safe return from the military.

Similarly, many requested Jinyoung to serve well and return safely and healthily.

They assured the singer they would wait for him and always support him. It is indeed heart-warming to see the power of Ahgases and other fans.

Jinyoung Military Service
Jinyoung enlisted for mandatory military service on May 8, 2023 (Source: Bandwagon)

Furthermore, Jinyoung is the second GOT7 member to enlist, as the leader Jay B serves as a social worker as part of his duty. The latter started his mandatory service in February 2023.

We wish Jinyoung an incredible journey ahead. Hopefully, he will return safely and healthily.

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