Illness of Jessica Robb, CTV News! The online video of Jessica Robb, a reporter for CTV News, has gained popularity.

She seemed to experience a health issue during a live broadcast.

Some individuals who oppose vaccination have alleged that she collapsed due to a vaccine’s side effects.

Get some in-depth insights on Jessica Robb CTV News Illness, recent updates on her, and the causes of the medical episode.

Jessica Robb CTV News Illness: What Happened To Her?

On January 8, 2023, New Reporter Jessica was reporting live on location during a segment on the 6 pm news on CTV.

Suddenly, Jessica began to experience a medical episode on air, slurring her words and repeating phrases, appearing faint as she tried to continue her report.

She informed her colleague and anchor, Nahreman Issa, that she was not feeling well.

Jessica Robb CTV News Illness
Reporter Jessica Robb from CTV News (Source: Daily Hive)

As a precaution, the feed was quickly cut back to the studio, where Nahreman reassured viewers that a team of professionals was attending to Jessica. 

The footage of the incident quickly spread online, causing concern and worry among fans of the show.

It was unclear at the time what caused her medical episode and fainting.

However, the priority was ensuring she received proper medical attention and support.

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Jessica Robb CTV News Illness: Where Is She Now?

According to CTV Edmonton, Jessica, the Journalist who experienced a medical episode during a live segment on January 8, is currently resting.

Jessica took to social media, specifically her Twitter account, to thank everyone for their concern and well wishes.

She praised her colleagues, specifically her cameraman Sean McClune for being there for her and Nahreman Issa for being a professional.

In the statement, she also clarified that there was no cause for concern and that her understanding of her medical background reasonably explained what happened.

She also confirmed that the situation was unrelated to the Covid-19 vaccine and dismissed the speculations surrounding what caused her medical episode.

Furthermore, she expressed her disappointment and dismay at the amount of harassment and hatred that she received, along with the false theories about the reason for the incident.

CTV News

Jessica Robb CTV News Illness: Recent Tweet (Source: Twitter)Also Read: Is Edward Franklin Related To Benjamin Franklin? Family Tree And Net Worth

Jessica Robb CTV News Illness: Was It Covid-19 Vaccine Side-Effect?

No, it appears that the cause of Jessica Robb’s medical episode was not related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

While it has been claimed on social media that Jessica Robb had posted on Facebook and Twitter that she was fully vaccinated when she tested positive for COVID-19 on April 28, 2022.

It’s important to note that such a post has not been confirmed authentic.

Additionally, it is mentioned that even if Jessica Robb was fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the COVID-19 vaccine couldn’t have caused her “collapse.”

She was last vaccinated eight months ago, so it would be unreasonable to call it the side effect of that vaccine.

Jessica Robb
Jessica Robb CTV News Illness Update: Her Vaccinated Post (Source: Twitter)

Vaccine side effects only appear within hours or days of vaccination and not months later.

Within minutes to hours after the vaccine, mild side symptoms, including injection site pain, fever, muscular ache, headache, and fatigue, start to appear.

Anaphylaxis and other severe allergic reactions can happen quickly, frequently minutes after vaccination.
Additionally, the COVID-19 vaccinations’ spike proteins do not last for months. But this time was different!

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