Jasha Balcom

Jasha Balcom is a cast of put a ring on it. Find out more about the wife and family of Balcom.

The couples face the one question they’ve been too afraid to ask each week: Are they ready for their “happily ever after”? They are pushed, stretched, and tested to answer this question.

The couples go on a series of dates with different people to see if there might be a better love connection that they have been missing all along. To determine whether to take the big step and “put a ring on it” or whether it is time to part ways?

Will Packer for Will Packer Media, Jeff Spangler, and Rob LaPlante of Lighthearted Entertainment be the program’s Executive producers? Moreover, Anthony Sylvester Executive produces.

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Who Is Jasha Balcom From Put A Ring On It?

Jasha Balcom, a Dublin native who played baseball for Georgia and worked for the Chicago Cubs for several seasons, has opened a facility in Gwinnett to aid players of all skill levels in upgrading their game.

Balcom worked in the banking sector after his playing career ended but ultimately concluded that baseball was still his passion.

Jasha Balcom
Sliding just like Jackie Robinson (Source: Ajc)

Before making a name for himself with the HittersBox, Balcom began instructing baseball players at Chipper Jones’ 10th Inning Baseball Academy in Suwanee. At a sizable training facility in Duluth, he cohabitates with Competitive Edge Sports and works together.

Balcom, a 2003 Chicago Cubs draft pick, transferred from the College of Charleston to Georgia. He participated in three minor league baseball seasons.

Jasha is now on the show Put a ring on it and is waiting to see what that show will bring into his love life.

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Is Jasha Balcom married? Wife Details

Jasha Balcom is not wed, but given that he and his partner Joya appeared on the reality television program “Put A Ring On It,” we might soon learn he is.

Jasha Balcom
Jasha Balcom and Joya (Source: Xonecole)

Before attending the performance, the couple dated for two years. The pair and everyone else are eager to see what the program has for them. Let’s hope they decide to propose by placing a ring on it.

With the show, they might also strengthen their bond even further. Fans expect that Joya will soon become Jasha’s wife and that they will wed despite her not being his wife.

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Jasha Balcom Family Explored

Balcom’s Father frequently discussed Robinson, born in Cairo, Georgia, when Balcom was growing up in Dublin, Georgia.

Although he hasn’t talked much about them, Jasha’s parents, siblings, and family undoubtedly contributed to his success.

Balcom learned about Jackie Robinson from his Father when he was a young boy and realized early on that Robinson had paved the path for the athletes he had grown up watching.

Jasha Balcom
Image Of Jasha Balcom (Source: Dublinlaurenscountygeorgia.blogspot)

It is evident from listening to him talk about himself that his parents have always supported him and helped shape the man he is today.

He has since quit the game as a former baseball player and now works in the entertainment industry.

After transferring from the College of Charleston to Georgia, the Chicago Cubs selected Jasha in the 2003 amateur draft. He participated in three minor league baseball seasons.

According to Balcom, who played for the University of Georgia and later for the South Georgia Peanuts as a member of the Chicago Cubs system, “I grew up in Dublin, Georgia, which is similar to Cairo, where Jackie was from.

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