It takes an individual a whole life to make a mark in the industry. After being stable, though, they are called legends. Jamie Farr is undoubtedly one of them who has made you laugh all the while.

He is the actor of the ’70s and ’80s who has made people laugh over the heels. There is more to the smiling face than just being a celebrity. People tend to unsee his personal life. Here we will detail out everything that is to be known.

Jamie Farr net worth
Jamie Farr

Let’s go chronologically with some quick facts first

Jamie Farr: Quick Facts

Full Name Jameel Joseph Farah
Date of Birth 1st July 1934
Age 89 years old
Nickname Jamie Farr
Mother’s Name Jamelia M. Abodeely
Father’s Name Samuel N. Farah
Siblings Yvonne Farah
Marital Status Married
Spouse Joy Ann Richards
  • Jonas Farr
  • Yvonne Faar
Birthplace Ohio, USA
Ethnicity White
Religion Antiochian Orthodox 
Horoscope Cancer
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Member of Political Party Republican Party
Height 5’8″
Eye color Black
Hair color Grey
Build Slim
Net Worth $7 million
Last Updated September,2023

Who is Jamie Farr?

Jameel Joseph Farah is an American theatre, tv actor, and film comedian who rose to fame from M*A*S*H. This talented actor has been married for over five decades, which is a pretty amusing fact.

Age and Parents

Jamie Farr was born on 1st July 1934 in Ohio. Jamelia M. Abodeely and Samuel N. Farah are the names of his parents. It is said that he has one sister named Yvonne Farah. Farr is pretty close to his family.

His father came from Lebanon with his brother to Iowa, and his mother was born in Iowa, whose family too was from Lebanon. His parents got married through matchmaking by his mother’s father, which was pretty common in those days.

They later moved to Sioux City, where his sister was born, and then Jamie was born in Toledo. Moreover, his original family name was Abboud, and his grandfather’s name was Farah Abboud. 

During questioning, they were going to say “Farah Abboud” when they arrived at Ellis Island; however, the staff there paused them at Farah, so they ended up not taking their complete name. 

Jamie is 89 years old as of now. He holds the American nationality along with the white ethnicity. The zodiac sign falls under Cancer, suggesting the fact that he is creative and sensitive.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Farr is one of the actors in Hollywood who is experienced, be it the work or the age factor. The talented individual is approaching his 90s rapidly. He stands at the height of 5’9” and weighs 62 kgs.

Farr is a pretty charming individual who looks alluring in front of the media and always cracks some jokes to make people laugh. Surprisingly there is no information about the vital body statistics.

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Farr has reached his later years in life, which suggests the fact that he is not careful about his looks and body weight. If anything on the shoe and dress size comes up, readers will be made aware. To complete the physical outlook, grey hair and black eyes play a lead role.

Early Days and Education

Farr was born in Ohio spending his childhood there with his family members. His mother was a seamstress, while his father was a grocer. Growing up in a middle-class family, his needs were fulfilled on selection.

From a very young age, Jamie was keen on acting and wanted to make it big. There was pretty good support from the family for being an actor too.

In the case of educational attainment, Jamie graduated from Woodward High School with honors. More than being academically brilliant, he was more into extra-curricular activities.

Farr was part of various plays and also became president of the drama group for three years. Not only that, managing the basketball and football team was also his forte.


Like all the great actors in the circuit, Farr also hit the straps right at the age of 11. It was at that time he won $2 winning a local acting contest. With all his interest in being an actor, he was part of Pasadena Playhouse.

At his time, the actor was recognized by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer talent scout and offered the man a screening test for Blackboard Jungle.

The debut came in 1955 with Blackboard Jungle and went on and on. After this, Jamie was called for the broadway play named No Time For Sergeants; over time, this actor has been part of The Rebel, The Mighty O, The Danny Kaye Show, My Favourite Martian, Family Affair, Room 222, and many more.

Farr has always been known as a versatile actor who loves to make changes to his approach. For the new era of Hollywood, though, Farr has done a decent job too.

Since 2000 he has been part of a famous handful of projects. Just Shoot Me, A Month of Sundays, The War At Home, This World, Angels on Tap, and many more.

Some of his most notable movies are A Grandpa for Christmas, Murder Can Hurt You, Return of the Rebels, Combat Academy, The Greatest Story Ever Told, and many more.

Farr starred in The Cannonball Run, Cannonball Run II, and Speed Zone making him the only actor to appear in all three Cannonball Run films.

The latest work in the series came in 2019 with The Cool Kids. It was a pretty decent show that showed the skills of Jamie. When asked what he was most proud of in his life and career, he said;

“This is not an easy business where people should be grateful for whatever they have done. It is not just given to you, and you have to earn it. Some people that are absolutely brilliant talents never get anywhere. Some people are average and make it to the top of the industry. All I can say is what a lucky guy I am.”

It has been almost seven decades, but Farr is not taking a day of rest and contributes to the acting world. This individual indeed is an inspiration for many.

Who Is Jamie Farr’s Wife?

Getting married to five women in a decade is not an achievement but marrying one woman for over five decades is undoubtedly a significant achievement. Jamie has always been a one-woman man from the start.

Jamie Farr wife
Jamie Farr with wife Joy Ann Richards

Joy-Ann Richards is the lucky woman who received the opportunity to hold his hand. Both of them met in the ’60s and fell for each other. After dating for some time, the fans got the good news.

Both the lovebirds married on 16th February 1963 in the states. Their relationship was further enhanced by the birth of kids Joans Farr and Yvonne Farr.

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These kid has played a keen role in keeping their relationship secure all the time. Fans might know that Jamie is a grandfather now. To be precise, it has been 57 years since their marriage, and there is no sign of any separation.

Without a doubt, we can say that Jamie is married only once and married for good. With no rift between the two, we feel this relationship will go to eternity.

Jamie Farr: Foundation

Jamie Farr had helped to start up the Jamie Farr Owen Corning Classic in 1984. It hosted a women’s golf tournament on the LPGA Tour, with Jamie Farr as the title sponsor. It has always strived to assist both the community and the LPGA with the help of numerous additional sponsors.

This tournament has been a consistent philanthropic benefit for children’s organizations in Northland, Ohio, and Southern Michigan, donating millions of dollars each year.

However, it was announced that Jamie Farr was replaced by Marathon Petroleum in 2013, for which he commented, “Because of pending show business concerns which may prevent me from hosting the tournament in the future, I have decided to pass the baton to Marathon.”

He went on to thank all of the sponsors, volunteers, fans, and media for their help during the year. 

To recognize his long-standing support for the event, the tournament has named one of its humanitarian efforts the Jamie Farr Scholarship Fund.

Net Worth: Income and Salary

Jamie Farr has earned a considerable amount of fan following along with a net worth from his association with the showbiz world. For all the contributions to the acting, he owns a net worth of $7 million.

All of this is the output of decades-long contributions to a varied field of acting. Jamie, with his increasing age, tends to suffer from disease too. He is an avid patient of Rheumatoid Arthritis and is admitted to the hospital most of the time.

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There are rumors about his sexual orientation most of the time, which state him to be homosexual, but all of it is just a rumor. With age being on the rapid increase, he loves to spend time with his family rather than traveling.

Although there is proper information on the net worth, annual income, and assets are not known to the general media.

Internet Fame

It must not be a surprise if we say that Jamie is not a social media man. There are various reasons for it, one of the important being his time of getting fame. When Farr was killing it on the screen, there was hardly any social media as it is today.


When did Jamie Farr change his name?

Farr stated in this 2000 interview that following his two-year tour in the army, he changed his name to Jamie Farr as it was easier to remember. 

Who is Jamie Farr wife?

Joy-Ann Richards is the lucky woman who tied the knot with Jamie Farr on 16th February 1963 and is in a stable relationship. 

Is Jamie Farr’s autograph available?

Yes, you can get an autograph of Joyce with her photocard and other products on Hollywood Memorabilia, eBay, Amazon, and many different sites for various prices ranging from $34 to $2454.


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