Tara Carpenter Related To Billy Loomis

Is Tara Carpenter Related To Billy Loomis? Fans of the Scream franchise are curious to know more about the family relationship of the carpenter family.

Tara Carpenter is the deuteragonist in Scream (2022) and its sequel (2023). Jenna Ortega is playing her.

The “elevated horror” aficionado becomes the first target of the 2021 Legacy Killings while at home alone. Despite this, she lives, breaking with the previous four film beginnings.

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Her survival, on the other hand, is planned. She is being used as live bait by her estranged elder sister, Sam Carpenter.

Sam reappears and confesses that she is her half-sister (maternal) since Sam is the original Ghostface, Billy’s daughter.

Is Tara Carpenter Related To Billy Loomis? Relationship Explored 

Yes, Tara Carpenter does have a connection to Billy Loomis. According to fandom, the film Scream 5 reveals that Sam, Tara’s half-sister, is secretly Loomis’ biological daughter.

Sam was raised by her mother, Christina Carpenter’s husband until she was 13. Tara and Sam have the same mother, Christina Carpenter.

Tara Carpenter Related To Billy Loomis
Billy Loomis In Scream 5 Haunted By Ghost Face (Source: Dmtalkies)

Tara and Sam are given the surname Carpenter as a homage to director John Carpenter. Nevertheless, Sam confesses to Tara that their biological Father is Billy Loomis, one of the original Scream movie’s killers.

“She was absolutely in the screenplay,” Bettinelli-Olpin told Nerdist. “But it just didn’t cut. We felt we were opening up the film too much and making it less about the sisters.”

He then suggested, “It’s hard to say, but it seems like there’s a fascinating tale there…” when asked if spectators will ever learn her identity.

The series has braided together several familial relationships between apparently unrelated people throughout five films.

Killers frequently disclose a family connection to Sidney, with Scream 3 and Scream 4 depicting Sidney’s half-brother and cousin as murderers, respectively. 

The killers in this film, on the other hand, had no direct connection to anyone previously involved in any tragedies, as one was merely hoping to provide more material for the Stab franchise to build better films from, while the other became obsessed with the crimes after moving into a critical location in the town’s history.

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Tara Carpenter Related To Billy Loomis Family Connection Explored

Carpenter abandoned the family around Tara’s eighth birthday, it is learned. Tara’s mother was in London for work when Ghostface attacked her.

Wes Hicks called Sam about the attack, and Sam went to the hospital to apologize to Tara for leaving her. Sam decides to stay in town and help Tara.

Tara Carpenter Related To Billy Loomis
All Female Charactriest on the scream Moviea (Source: Collider)

Tara Carpenter was born on December 14, 2002, to Mr. Carpenter and Christina Carpenter and grew up idolizing her elder sister, Sam, who is five years her senior.

Sam was 13 when she realized their legal Father was not her biological Father, making Sam and Tara maternal half-siblings.

Tara’s Father left the family that night due to revealing this truth. Sam subsequently proceeded downward for approximately five years (most likely six years), finally abandoning her family.

According to Amber at the bar, she supposedly departed on her 19th birthday; however, it is more probable that she left when she was almost (or became) 19, somewhere in 2016, as the fifth film takes place in late-2021, five years after she left.

Amber, who is subsequently proven to be the eighth Ghostface killer, may have stated that she fled when she reached 18 to accentuate Sam’s flaws and raise suspicion in her friends.

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