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Uncle Roger has been one of the prominent figures in the comedy industry. Explore his personal life. Is Nigel Ng wife Eva Steiner? Discover the success story of Nigel.

Nigel Ng is a Malaysian stand-up comedian and internet celebrity based in London.

Ng is better known by his new persona, Uncle Roger, a stereotypical Asian man reviewing Asian food recipes who speaks with an exaggerated & pronounced accent.

The internet celebrity has become best known for his comedic alter ego Uncle Roger, who speaks with a pronounced Cantonese-like accent and prides himself on various East and Southeast Asian stereotypes.

But more than his fame & success, people seem to have an interest in learning about Nigel Ng’s wife & personal life of the professional.

So here, get an insight & a detailed report on the trending headline following Nigel, along with the information about Nigel Ng’s wife.

Is Nigel Ng Wife Eva Steiner? Ex-Wife & Kids Explored

Following the success of Ng in the public domain, people have grown eager to hear about Nigel Ng’s wife & kids’ details.

As for Ng’s current relationship status, it needs to be clarified if he is currently dating anyone.

In a food travel vlog posted in 2020, he revealed to YouTuber Shu that he was divorced but did not disclose his ex-wife’s identity.

According to a food travel vlog posted in April 2020, Nigel Ng revealed to YouTuber Shu that he was divorced. While he did not disclose his ex-wife’s identity, some sources claim it is comedian Eva Steiner.

Sources believe it is crucial to note that Ng has not confirmed this, and whether Steiner is his ex-wife is unclear.

As for Auntie Helen, the character has been portrayed by various people, including YouTubers Nina The Pooh and Rachel Hopes.

However, it is confirmed that the characters, including Auntie Helen, are fictional and not based on a natural person.

In a blooper reel for Jamie Oliver’s ALMOST Made Ramen, Uncle Roger refers to a “dense ball of sad” as Auntie Helen’s chest, which suggests that she is a comedic character created by Ng.

Overall, while there is some speculation about Ng’s personal life and relationships, he has not shared much information publicly.

Nigel Ng wife
Nigel And Evelyn. (Source: YouTube)

Similarly, Auntie Helen is a fictional character created for comedic purposes, and there is no indication that she is based on a natural person.

In an episode of Rice to Meet You, Ng revealed that he was married to a white woman but did not provide further details.

Overall, it seems that Ng prefers to keep his personal life private & has not shared much about his relationships or family.

While there is speculation about his ex-wife, it is unclear whether she is a natural person or just a character in his comedy.

Similarly, there is no information available about whether Ng has any children.

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The Rise Of Nigel Ng & His Professional Career

Nigel Ng, born on March 15th, 1991, in Kuala Lumpur, is a Malaysian stand-up comedian and internet celebrity based in London.

After graduating from Chong Independent High School, Kuala Lumpur, in 2009, Ng moved to the United States to study at Northwestern University, majoring in engineering.

Ng’s career began in stand-up comedy, where he won the Amused Moose Laugh-Off 2016 & was runner-up in the Laughing Horse New Act of the Year 2015.

He was also a finalist in the Mercury Comedian of the Year & Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year.

As per analytics, the professional made his TV debut in 2018 on Comedy Central’s Stand Up Central.

However, Nigel is best known for his online persona, Uncle Roger, a stereotypical middle-aged Asian man reviewing Asian food recipes who speaks with an exaggerated and pronounced accent.

Nigel Ng wife
Comedian Nigel Ng At Manhattan On April 11, 2022. (Source: NPR)

His comedy partner Evelyn Mok created the middle-aged Asian uncle character for a sitcom with Ng in mind.

Ng further developed the character on TikTok and Instagram sketches before moving the character onto YouTube.

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