Is Lawrence Kenwright related to Bill Kenwright

Is Lawrence Kenwright related to Bill Kenwright? Lawrence is a property developer, and Bill was a theatre and film producer.

Lawrence Kenwright is a property developer and hotel boss. Along with his wife, Katie, Lawrence has run the Signature Living brand, which has opened many well-known hotels, apartment blocks, and wedding venues in Merseyside and Liverpool.

 Furthermore, Signature Living is best known for its vibrantly designed, party-themed Liverpool hotels like The Shankly and Dixie Dean.

Lawrence has been working in the brand for many years, and the team is well-known for its classy and beautiful hotels.

On the other hand, Bill Kenwright was a West End theatre producer, film producer, actor, and singer. He was the chairman of an English professional association football club based in Liverpool, Everton F.C.

Furthermore, as a producer, Bill worked in films like The Shepard, The Fantic, My Pure Land, The Purifiers, Die, Mommie, Die!, Zoe, and many more.

As an actor, Bill starred in the soap opera Coronation Street and films like England, My England, and Carry On Matron.

Recently, people have been curious about the relationship between actor Bill and property developer Lawrence. So, is Lawrence Kenwright related to Bill Kenwright? Let’s talk about this below.

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Is Lawrence Kenwright Related To Bill Kenwright?

Lawrence and Bill share the same surname. Similarly, Bill was involved in his respective work as a theatre and film producer in Liverpool for a long time.

On the other side, Lawrence is very famous for his Signature Living brand and the establishment of many beautiful hotels in Liverpool. And these are also the reason people think that they are related.

However, as we have researched, Lawrence Kenwright and Bill Kenwright are unrelated. There is no information regarding this, and neither of them disclosed any information regarding any sort of personal relationship.

Is Lawrence Kenwright related to Bill Kenwright
Lawrence Kenwright and Bill Kenwright are unrelated. (Sources: Business Live, SportsMax)

So, Lawrence Kenwright and Bill Kenwright are not related. Both of them might have known each other, but as per our research, they are unrelated.

Bill is known for his long-term dedication and contribution to the field of acting and producing. Similarly, Lawrence is known for building fascinating, impressive hotels and apartments in Liverpool.

They have invested many years of their life working in Liverpool. But personally, they are not related to each other.

Lawrence Kenwright And Bill Kenwright: Family Tree

Talking about family, Lawrence has maintained privacy and has not revealed much about his parents.

However, as we have researched, Lawrence’s father was a docker, and his mother was a shop worker in Walton. Lawrence was the youngest among three siblings and was raised in Walton.

Childhood was not easy for Lawrence as the family was not in a good financial position. Lawrence was a good student with good results in every subject but dropped out of school when he was 15.

Now, Lawrence is a property developer known for incredible hotels and apartments and their services to users.

We recently heard the news regarding Lawrence and his band having financial difficulties. But besides that, he is known for developing many famous hotels and venues.

Is Lawrence Kenwright related to Bill Kenwright
Lawrence Kenwright with his wife, Katie Kenwright. (Source: Liverpool Echo)

Lawrence  Kenwright shares a beautiful married life with his partner, Katie Kenwright. The pair are surrounded by their loving children. 

Similarly, talking about Bill Kenwright’s parents, his father was Albert, and his mother was Hope (nee Jones). Bill’s father was a bricklayer who became a successful builder.

Talking about his married life, Bill was married to actress Anouska Hempel from 1978 to 1980. He had a daughter and grandchildren from his relationship with the actress Virginia Stride.

Until Bill Kenwright’s demise in 2023, the actor was in a relationship with the actress Jenny Seagrove.

Overall, Bill Kenwright and Lawrence Kenwright are famous for their works and dedication in their respective fields. But they are not related to each other.

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