Kerry Washington sick and eating disorder

Kerry Washington Sick topic has recently been searched by her followers. Her eating disorder fact trends on the web as food obsession has developed into modern anxiety.

People want to know whether 2012’s Scandal Actress Kerry Washington lost weight just to fit in the series and film roles or if she was anxious about a more severe cause.

Washington is a talented American Actress taking the movies and series market by storm. A few of her notable roles include in series and films like Django Unchained, The School for Good And Evil, Little Man, Save The Last Dance, and more. 

The beautiful Actress received the spotlight for her regular appearance from 2012 to 2018 in the hit series, Scandal.

The worth-watching Actress became a notable Hollywood celebrity thanks to her impressive talent and beauty.

Washington’s health and physical well-being is a topic many fans are willing to learn now. We unfold her sickness and eating disorder via the headlines.

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Is Kerry Washington Sick? Her Health Update

Scandal Actress Kerry Washington’s suffered from eczema since childhood. She revealed her childhood condition in 2019. 

Kerry Washington sick
Kerry Washington had sleep struggles. (Source: N.B.C. News)

Save The Last Dance Actress Washington’s health update concern many Internet users and her fans who follow the Actress closely. 

Doctors say that eczema is a skin condition that causes the skin to dry and get irritated. 

Moreover, she opened up about sleeping struggles due to anxiety and stress. 

Her followers asked her about her mental health, and the Actress replied on Twitter about her struggles. She replied on 5 October 2020:

I had a hard time sleeping because of anxiety and stress. Thank you for asking. 

During an interview with Glamour, Washington said she is concerned about her mental health just like her physical health. The Scandal Actress said:

I say out publicly because I take the stigma away from mental health. My heart and my brain are equally important to me.

I don’t know why people don’t seek help to have those things (referring to mental health) be as healthy as my teeth. As I go to the dentist, I should also go to a shrink.

In addition, Washington talked with Essence, where she revealed her therapy and how it helped different aspects of her life. 

She said she learned to love herself and her body after a lifelong process. The Actress added that the there[hy helped her to communicate her feelings more. 

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Kerry Washington’s Eating Disorder

Beautiful Actress Kerry Washington, 46, lost weight significantly, so her followers became concerned if Anorexia blindsided their favorite Actress. 

Also, the Actress publicly announced her anxiety and sleeping struggles before, and people were curious if the eating disorder caused those trouble. 

Kerry Washington eating disorder
Kerry Washington’s eating disorder. (Source: Entertainment Tonight)

Medical experts say that Anorexia is a distorted perception when people strongly fear gaining weight. The eating disorder is categorized by bizarre low body weight. 

While most people see eating disorders as a female domain, doctors say this is a men’s thing too.

The modern era generally prefers slimmed-down bodies, and Washington had a take on her alleged eating habit.

She spoke about her struggle with an eating disorder while studying dance. 

During her interview, the Actress revealed her disorder, saying:

I loved to eat anything and everything. Sometimes I passed out eating. 

So, Kerry’s eating disorder fact is actual. Medical experts categorized the condition as both male and female domain but statistical data hints that women are more likely happen to have an eating disorder.

However, the Scandal Actress hasn’t revealed her current diet, and we can only expect that she is on a healthy diet. 

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