Is Kaitlyn Dever Trans

Is Kaitlyn Dever trans? There is curiosity regarding Kailyn’s personal life and sexuality.

Kaitlyn Dever is an actress, musician, singer and songwriter. She is best known for starring in Justified, Unbelievable, Last Man Standing, and Dopesick.

Born in December 1996 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, Kaitlyn is a member of the musical duo Beulahbelle, along with her younger sister, Mady.

Furthermore, Dever has played lead roles in films such as Them That Follow, No One Will Save You, Ticket to Paradise, Detroit, The Spectacular Now, and Bad Teacher.

In 2024, it was announced that Kaitlyn Dever would play Abby in the second season of The Last of Us. She was cast in the first season of The Last of Us.

Kaitlyn has received many prestigious awards and nominations. She is a rising actress in the film industry who has starred in many famous films and television series.

Besides her acting and music career, today we will talk about her personal life and sexuality. Is Kaitlyn Dever trans?

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Is Kaitlyn Dever Trans?

Recently, we have seen talks and gossip on social media about Kaitlyn’s sexuality and life. So, is Kaitlyn Dever trans?

However, Kaitlyn Dever is not trans. She was born female and is not a transgender person. She has not revealed anything publicly regarding her personal life.

As mentioned earlier, Kaitlyn will play the role of Abby in The Last of Us season 2. Some viewers have thought that Abby is transgender in the series because of her physique in season one of The Last of Us.

Is Kaitlyn Dever Trans
Kaitlyn Dever is not trans and has not revealed much information about her sexuality. (Source: PureWow)

In the series, Abby is a soldier who seeks vengeance for a loved one. She has her worldview challenged.

So, Kaityln starred as Abby in season one of Last of Us, where she was seen as very muscular.

So, it can be the reason people thought that Abby was trans and also raised some curiosity regarding Kaitlyn Dever’s sexuality and life. Abby is a powerful woman in the series.

So, Kailtyn Dever is not trans. She has featured in many movies, starring in many challenging and incredible roles.

Kaitlyn Dever Gender And Sexuality Revealed

Kaitlyn is not trans. There were also some rumors regarding stating that Kaitlyn Dever is gay.

However, Kaitlyn Dever has not revealed much about her sexuality. It is her choice, and we should respect this.

Furthermore, Kaitlyn has incredibly played the role of queer character in the films. So, this might also be a reason for the rumors surrounding that time on social media.

Is Kaitlyn Dever Trans
Kaitlyn Dever has maintained privacy and has not publicly revealed or clarified her sexuality. (Source: TheWrap)

There were also rumors that she was in a relationship with American actor and singer Ansel Elgort.

As the actress has always preferred keeping her personal life away from the limelight, it is unknown whether that news was accurate or just rumors.

However, Kaitlyn has not disclosed much information about her personal life and sexuality.  

All we know is that the actress has excelled in many challenging roles. She is talented, and as much as she is active in her work, she is not regarding her personal life.

Overall, Kaitlyn Dever is an incredible artist who has entertained her viewers with her roles and excellent actions in films and television series.

She has been actively working for the last decades, and we hope her work continues.

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