Goldie Hawn Sick

Fans are curious to know, “Is Goldie Hawn Sick?” They want to know more about her health.

Goldie Jeanne Hawn, also known as Goldie Hawn, is a famous American actress, singer, dancer, and producer.

She gained popularity from Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In on N.B.C. (1968–1970).

Likewise, Hawn was honored with an Academy Award for her work in Cactus Flower and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress (1969).

Wyatt Russell, Oliver Hudson, and Kate Hudson are actors who are all related to Hawn.

She shares a romantic relationship with Kurt Russell. The beautiful duo has been together since 1983.

Further, to support the education of underprivileged children, Hawn founded The Hawn Foundation in 2003.

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Is Goldie Hawn Sick? 

Goldie Hawn has battled depression and anxiety. She also took professional help to deal with it. 

Goldie Hawn was the featured speaker at the first Wonder of Women summit held at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center, which was sponsored by the Semel Institute and brought together researchers, performers, and trailblazers to discuss the stigma attached to female mental illness.

As the summit’s keynote speaker, Hawn discussed her battles with identification and unhappiness and her path to happiness.

A serious medical illness commonly impacts a person’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and is known as major depressive disorder, also referred to as depression.

Goldie Hawn Cancer
Goldie Hawn, an American actress, dancer, producer, and singer. (Source: TCM)

Fortunately, it can also be treated. Depression is characterized by sadness and a loss of interest in former pastimes.

It can affect your performance at work and home and lead to various mental and physical problems.

Goldie Hawn battled her depression by seeing a psychologist.

Goldie Hawn Health And Cancer Update

It is not sure if Goldie Hawn has cancer. However, in a YouTube video, it was said that Hawn is being treated for terminal laryngeal Cancer. 

The larynx, or voice box, is affected by laryngeal Cancer. Changes in voice quality, such as hoarseness and a persistent sore throat or cough, are among the signs of laryngeal Cancer.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. (Source: Brides)

Laryngectomy surgery or a laryngectomy may be part of your treatment approach.

Previously, Goldie had a breast cancer scare and underwent a breast biopsy, as per Globe Magazine.

She also joined hands with Kate Hudson and dyed her hair pink in 2014 for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

However, there have been no updates regarding Hawn’s speculated cancer. Hopefully, it’s just a hoax, and she is enjoying a healthy life. 

Goldie Hawn Family Life Explored

Goldie Hawn was born in Washington, D.C., to parents Laura (née Steinhoff), owner of a jewelry business, and Edward Rutledge Hawn, a guitarist in a band that performed at notable city events.

She received her name from her mother’s aunt. The younger brother Edward Jr., who passed away in infancy before Patti was even born, was Patti Hawn’s only sibling.

Hawn’s father belongs to English and German. Further, he was a Presbyterian. Similarly, her mother left Hungary as a Jew and moved to America.

Regarding Hawn’s education, she went to Montgomery Blair High School in adjacent Silver Spring, Maryland, where she was raised as a Jew.

At the age of three, Hawn started taking ballet and tap dancing lessons.

In order to perform in The Nutcracker, she joined the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo’s corps de ballet in 1955.

Goldie made her stage debut in 1964 as Juliet in a Virginia Shakespeare Festival production of Romeo and Juliet.

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