Irina Solomonova

Irina Solomonova’s appearances in TV shows have abruptly made her famous. Almost every Netflix program fan now knows her as a contestant in the Netflix Original Series “Love Is Blind.”

Love is Blind seven cast Irina Solomonova is a real-life boss woman & a boosting business owner hailing from Seattle, United States.

According to the sources, Irina Solomonova owns the event planning business “Solo Collective,” & her business is blasting like hell after the announcement about participation in LIB Seven.

The young lady from Seattle is already gaining hype & hundred of followers over the internet have started to follow her and has become a part of her planning Company.

And after the buzz surrounding Irina Solomonova’s appearance on the Netflix Original Show, “Love Is Blind,” people have become more curious to learn more about her & her personal life.

So here, get an insight into all the details about Irina, the owner of an event planning venture available in the public domain.

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Who Is Irina Solomonova? Insight into the life of LIB Contestant

According to Netflix’s official description of Solomonova, she is the owner & one of the active members of the Seattle-based event planning Company “Solo Collective.”

The young businesswoman is single & is looking for a perfect fit for life in the seventh season of “Love Is Blind,” alongside other beautiful & alluring contestants.

Reports suggest Irina Solomonova runs one of the best event-planning Companies in Seattle & plans the cutest parties in the city.

Moreover, the lady posts all about the planning & operation on her TikTok, but for now, her official website is down or maybe in some kind of maintenance break.

In addition, we cannot ignore Irina Solomonova’s presence in the upcoming fourth season of Netflix’s “Love is Blind,” which is slated to debut on March 24, 2023.

Irina Solomonova
Business Owner Irina Solomonova. (Source: Instagram)

The three-week-long social experiment in which single men and women look for love and get engaged without ever meeting in person is followed by the dating reality program Love is Blind.

Moreover, Irina speaking with Netflix, mentioned she is joining the show to find a best friend to do life with.

The businesswoman admits taking things a little too fast in previous relationships but has learned a million things & loves being a self-aware queen.

Unfortunately, other details about Irina Solomonova’s personal life & recent updates on her presence in Love Is Blind is yet to publish in the public domain.

So for now, please stay calm & remain tuned to not miss a single detail on the trending headline.

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Family Of Irina Solomonova

According to the sources, Irina Solomonova was born on November 21, 1996, in Seattle, Washington, United States, to parents of mixed nationalities & ethnic backgrounds.

So the businesswoman from Seattle, Washington, is 26 & is currently single but searching for the love of her life.

Based on Irina Solomonova’s Instagram, it seems like the lady was raised in Washington, so it shouldn’t be much traveling for Irina since Love Is Blind is also based in Washington.

Irina Solomonova
Irina Solomonova’s On Her Birthday. (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, the names & other personal details about Irina’s family members need to be added to the internet. Still, the research process is ongoing.

So, please stay tuned to remain updated on the trending subject about Irina Solomonova & her family member.

Net Worth Of Irina Solomonova

Irina is young but has a lengthy history in the industry & has already held crucial positions as a professional planner & television personality.

However, the precise net worth of the young businesswoman has yet to be published by any analyst.

Still, sources believe the multi-talented woman has much real estate to support her lavish lifestyle.

Irina Solomonova
Alluring Irina Solomonova From LIB 7. (Source: Instagram)

In addition to holding a robust business in Seattle, the lady is an educated personality & followers worldwide are eager to learn about her presence in the show.

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