Inky Johnson: Injury, Career, Book, Wife, Kids & Net Worth

Life can throw you off the radar most of the time. Most of them stay when they fall while others rise to make a change in the world.

Inky Johnson is one of those who started with big dreams but ended up inspiring others to fulfill their dreams.

Inky is a motivational speaker who started his career as a dream of being in the NFL, but things changed.

There is more to Inky then just being part of the inspiration for many people.

Stick with us as we unfold every missing piece from his life.

Inky Johnson net worth
Inky Johnson

Let’s start it with some quick facts that help.

Inky Johnson: Quick Facts

Full Name Inky Johnson
Date of Birth 1986/02/12
Gender Male
Nickname Inky Johnson
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Atlanta, USA
Ethnicity Afro-American
Age 35 Years Old
Profession Motivational Speaker
Nationality American
Height 5’9″
Weight 82 Kg
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Black
Kids 2
Net Worth $1 million
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter
Last Update December 2022

Who Is Inky Johnson?

Inky Johnson is an American motivational speaker and a former American football player who suffered a significant injury in college.

The inspirational individual is currently married.

Age and Parents

Inky Johnson was born on 12th February 1986 in Atlanta. The name of his parents is not known to the general media.

Not only the parent’s name but anything on the sibling is also a far cry.

Inky is 35 Years Old as of now. He holds the American nationality along with mixed ethnicity.

Being born in February, the zodiac falls under Aquarius, suggesting that he is charming and romantic.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Apart from the injury to this braveheart, Johnson is always smiling and his robust personality to inspire people is pretty commendable most of the time. He stands at the height of 5’9” and weighs 82 kgs.

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Although he is a motivational speaker hitting the gym and maintaining a healthy diet is the daily works of Johnson.

Surprisingly the vital body statistics is not known to anyone.

Inky is just into his mid 30’s so the charm and grace are seen in full throttle. The fit body with the muscular outlook makes him look charming for sure.

To complete the good looks, black hair and dark brown eyes play an essential role.

Early Days and Education

Inky Johnson was born in Atlanta and spent his childhood there with his family and siblings. Most of the readers might not know, but his grandparents raised him in a two-bedroom house.

His childhood was pretty tight, with 13 members being in the family. Not only that, but the surrounding where he grew was full of violence, killings, selling drugs, and many more.

But Inky didn’t get involved in all of this but thought of being part of the NFL and started practicing hard for it.

His family also supported the boy, who was the only educated in the family.

In the case of educational background, though Johnson attended Alonzo A Crim Open Campus High School in Atlanta. Furthermore, he joined the University of Tennessee and had high hopes.

During the high school days, his education was average, but there was a vast scope in him being part of the NFL.

Career Injury

When Inky joined college, he was considered one of the best players to be part of the University.

To get the opportunity to the NFL was not so hard for him. In 2005 he played for the University of Tennesee as a comeback. But his life changed then and there.

In the mid-2006, when Inky was playing against Gamecocks as the captain well, he injured himself.

In September, when he endured a tackle against Air Force Academy, the man rammed his right shoulder against Justin Handley.

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This caused permanent nerve damage, and not only that, his right hand got paralyzed permanently.

Immediately after the accident this player was taken to hospital and showed the eyelid dropping, ultimately resulting in Horner’s Syndrome.

Motivational Career

After facing the injury to the right arm, this talented individual went on to study sports psychology.

He received a master’s degree in it and did pretty well. Later, when he knew there was no chance of comeback to the game, he thought of contributing to it any way possible.

Johnson went on to become a motivational speaker. His primary role was to inspire people in various ceremonies, community centers, and schools as lead speakers.

Inky’s reach can be known because he was called by the Greater Knoxville Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and he provided his great words there for people to see.

With all of his struggle and life learning, Johnson went on to publish his autobiographical book called Inky: An Amazing Story of Faith and Perseverance.

This book was one of the highly sold as the promotions were done in leaps and bounds.

Power to do good for the people

Johnson is a premier follower of Christianity and believes that he could stand up and walk due to the belief in Christ, and it provided him with the power to do good for the people.

Not only that, Inky is seen giving his life-changing lessons to people at church, which inspires people to believe in self.

One of the main reasons for his fame was social media when one of the motivational videos went viral on Twitter.

Although life beat inky, he stood up every time and inspired the generation. With any new motivational achievements of the man, readers will be made aware.

Inky Johnson is currently recording podcasts for an in-depth discussion regarding the incidence and progression of joyful or good occurrences in one’s life that happens by chance.

His faith and endurance inspire the masses.

He is frequently seen giving motivational speeches and many people find it very helpful and enlightening. 

He collaborated with Eric Thomas and released one motivational video that went viral on the internet. Many people say that videos helped them in their bad times and inspired them to keep going.

Some of his famous quotes include-

Redirection, pain, setbacks, shortcoming, highs, lows. They are all part of the process of success. Embrace it, respect it, and trust it.

The process is more important than the product

I firmly believe you’re never supposed to wish for more than you’re willing to work for. Expectations should never exceed your effort.”

Who Is Inky Johnson Wife?

If you are falling rapidly, you need someone to hold your grip and make you believe. Well, Inky found the perfect one in Allison.

To the fans of Inky, you may know both started dating in high school and know each other for a long time. Taking this bonding to another level, the pair walked down the aisle in 2011.

Inky Johnson wife
Inky Johnson with his family

It was an auspicious occasion where the family and friends were present. Till this point in time, their marriage is blessed with two kids Inky Jr and Jada.

They are pretty close with their children.

It has been almost a decade, and there is hardly any news of a rift between the couple. Feels like they are made together for an extended period.

Other than Allison, Inky has never been in any relationship or married, so we feel that he found the one that is forever.

Inky Johnson Net Worth: Income and Salary

All the readers here might be excited to know how much does a motivational speaker makes.

Well, Johnson surely is one of those inspirations who turned a weakness into strength and made great things.

As of 2022, Inky owns a net worth of $1 million. All of this is the result of motivating people all around the globe.

In his free time though, Johnson loves to spend time with his family and also meet new people.

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The paparazzi tend to capture the man having a good time with his family and friends. Johnson net worth might be known, but the annual income and assets are out of the media’s eyes.

If anything hardcore comes out, readers will be made aware.

Internet Fame

Most motivational speaker tends to make the big move and earn huge fans through social media, and Inky is also no different from them.

The talented speaker owns rave followers on the social media handle.

Instagram406k followers

Twitter372k followers


Had he ever been a captain of the football team?

Absolutely Yes!! For two years he was captain of the football team.

Did Inky lose his arm?

No Inky did not lose his arm but he got a slight injury in his arm due to which he had to give up football.

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