It’s tough to prevail in the modern world if you are not bold and don’t take the opportunities by the scruff of the neck.

Ines Rau is someone who is doing it with great ease.

There are many readers who are unaware of this model, or she might have slipped under your radar.

Here we will inform you of everything about her in detail.

Ines Rau net worth
Ines Rau

But first, some quick facts.

Ines Rau: Quick Facts

Full Name Ines-Loan Rau
Date of Birth 1990/03 /18
Nickname Ines Rau
Marital Status In a relationship
Birthplace France
Ethnicity Mixed
Age 33 Years Old
Profession Model
Nationality French
Height 5’9″
Weight 55 kg
Horoscope Pisces
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Build Slim
Net Worth $5 million
Online Presence Instagram
Last Update February, 2024

Who Is Ines Rau?

Ines-Loan Rau is an Algerian-French model featured in the Playboy magazine as the Playmate of the month in November 2017 as the first open transgender.

Age and Parents

Ines was born on 18th March 1990.

Rau was born in Paris and is of Algerian origin, as we all know.

After being inspired by the life story of English trans model Caroline “Tula” Cossey, Rau transitioned and underwent sex reassignment surgery at the age of 16.

The name of her parents is not known to the general media.

Not only the parent’s name but anything on the siblings is also the far cry.

Her secrecy at times is also pretty understandable.

Rau is 33 Years Old as of now.

She holds French nationality along with mixed ethnicity.

However, the zodiac sign comes under Pisces, suggesting the fact that she is passionate and experimental at the same time.

Her faith is that of a Christian.

If the fans have followed her career, the traits exactly match this model.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Ines Rau is one of those rare models built and has a strong outlook for them.

Her height accounts at 5’9” with the weight under the radar.

This devoted model has always been keen on being a model, so going to the gym and hitting the weights was her everyday life.

As a result of the dedication, the vital body statistics read at 33-23-33 inches.

Rau’s concealing nature makes it hard to know what her shoe and dress size are.

But one thing can be said that she has owned any tattoo on her body.

Dark brown hair and brown eyes play a salient role to complete the robust persona.

Early Days and Education

Ines was born in France and hailed from a Muslim family. Her father is Algerian, while her mother being French-Morocco.

Even though their names are unknown sources, they claim this French model is pretty close to them.

One of the most variable childhood surely belongs to Ines because her family always supported her even when she thought of changing sex or being the model.

In the case of educational background though, Ines has played the silent hand and revealed anything about it.

We feel someday she will change her mind to share with us, and readers will be aware.


Most of the readers might not be aware, but Rau changed her gender as a teen.

When she was 33 Years Old, she did her surgery on a female.

When asked, the primary source of inspiration to do so was the story of Caroline Tula Cossey, who is also a transgender model.

It was seen as a child that Ines was different and did precisely the opposite to how she was born.

But nobody had the slightest guess that Rau will go on to change her gender.

The fans didn’t know it immediately as Ines waited for the right time to make everyone aware of the change.


Ines might be one of the well-known and respected models now, but the career had hardships from a young age.

As a teen, she would dance in Spain for various DJs to make money and also living.

Passing on through her teens, Rau became friends with David Guetta and also posted nude for Tyson Beckford at the age of 24.

It was basically for a spread in OOB, which is a French magazine.

Ines Rau height
Ines Rau stands at the height of 5’9″

This rolled eyes of the modelling agencies, and what added spice was that she came out blazing the point of being transgender.

In May 2014, Rau appeared in Playboy’s A-z issue.

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This was a special occasion as she was the second-ever transgender person to be featured in the magazine. Her inspiration was always the first to be part of it.

Moving along the journey, Ines has worked for big names like Nicole Miller, Alexis Bittar, and others.

Most of her fans might not know that she has been part of Vogue Italia too. In 2017 though, her life changed forever.

It is due to the fact that she was approached by Cooper Hefner to be the Playmate of the Month.

This decision created headlines, but Cooper came through with the resolution, and Rau was the first transgender person to be part of the Playmate.

Until this point in time, too, Ines is involved in modelling and gives valuable contributions.

Social Works

The people who overcome the problem on their own know how it feels to help others.

Ines is highly involved in activism and helps people in need.

In 2016 she appeared in an episode for TF-1 news format Sept a huit.

This appearance was mainly to make people aware of transgender along with the right they hold.

Who Is Ines Rau’s Boyfriend?

Changing her gender with the help of the family wasn’t easy for her, but she has overcome all of the hurdles.

At this point, she lives a great life that is good on both personal and professional fronts.

According to sources, Ines is not single but her romantically compagnon is with Staiv Gentis.

Staiv is a model, martial artist, actor, and whatnot.

There is no proper information about how they met, but one thing is sure they are made for each other.

Ines Rau boyfriend
Ines Rau with her boyfriend Staiv

The respective social media handles are full of their love saga, and all the fans admire too.

It has been five years since they are dating, but no good news has come out for fans.

We feel the pair is more focused on making a career first and getting married second.

With this, it is sure that Ines is neither married nor engaged. But we are sure some good news will pop out soon.

Ines Rau Net Worth: Income and Salary

If you are part of the Playboy magazine, the fame and fortune hit the rooftop with time.

Similar is the case of Rau, who sits on a staggering net worth for sure.

Surprisingly the model has decided not to reveal it to anyone, and as a result, the net worth is unknown.

On the other hand, the annual income for the model stands at $42k.

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All of this is the outcome of her modelling achievements.

In her free time, Ines loves to travel worldwide, attending a seminar that focuses on transgender rights.

Internet Fame

Ines is a self-made model with great hard work, but social media has added salt to the dish.

It is due to the fact that her social media is pretty well populated, and she owns a good following.

Instagram– 680k followers


What kind of hobbies does she have?

Her hobbies include writing, painting, and cooking.

What is her favorite place to visit?

The United Kingdom is her favorite spot to visit.

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