Iam Tongi age

However, Iam Tongi is popular on TikTok and has whooping 77K followers and about 500K likes; fans and followers need to learn more about Iam Tongi age and other personal details.

Singer and musical artist, Iam Tongi, aka William Tongi, is one of the few artists who has auditioned for season 21 of American Idol, the finest show that prepares the world of future stars.

According to the sources, unlike other contestants, William “Iam” Tongi is already pulling the strings of judges’ hearts with his single audition. 

And followers believe the artist has a high probability and could be one of the first auditionees to enter the show directly.

But the people on the internet have other plans. At the same time, when the whole world is discussing the artist’s future on the show, some groups are initializing the debate on the “Iam Tongi age.”

Unfortunately, more is needed about the Iam Tongi’s age in the public domain. Still, researchers are thoroughly working on this context.

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Iam Tongi age: What Is the Age Of Young Stringpuller in American Idol?

Iam Tongi is the finest social media fame and talented musical artist who often posts song coves on Instagram and TikTok handles.

And the fact about the artist is that he is still trying to find an audience set because Tongi already has one, and people over the internet love to hear the talented young boy’s voice.

Some of Iam’s cover songs include “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt and “Look at Us” by Vince Gill, which gained him a vast fan following in 2020.

Though the artist is famous, followers still struggle with one particular subject, “Iam Tongi age.” 

Ian Tongi age
William “Ian” Tongi. (Source: Instagarm)

But don’t worry; our researchers have already concluded that Iam Tongi’s age is just 19 after thoroughly speculating available information.

And the information concluded by our searchers is officially validated by American Idol’s official website.

In an article published by americanidolnet.com on February 14, the information on the Iam Tongi’s age is mentioned.

The show believes Iam is young, so it makes sense that belonging to the Gen Z pact, he utilized TikTok to show his talent rather than any other platform.

Further, American Idol fame social media performer has one piece of music called “Dreams” available to stream or purchase.

As per the sources, the young artist wrote the song for his sister’s wedding in 2021.

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William “Iam” Tongi Wikipedia: Family And Girlfriend

According to the reports, Iam Tongi’s age is 19, and the young but passionate musician belongs to an Irish family background.

William is a talented musician of Tongon, Samoan and Latin-Irish descent who was born and raised in Hawaii. As per analytics, the young artist’s parents belonged to mixed ethnic background.

Tongi’s father was Rodney Tongi, who sadly passed away at the young age of 50 on December 28, 2021. As per reports, Rodney was born on July 31, 1971.

But unfortunately, only a little information about Tongi’s parents is published on the internet, and it’s quite a struggle to speak without proper speculation.

As per our researchers, further information on Ian’s family members is in the discovery phase.

However, sources have discovered the young singer isn’t the single child of his parents.

William has an elder sister and a brother whose names still need to be disclosed in the public domain.

Iam Tongi age
Iam Tongi With His Mother, Siblings And Late Father. (Source: Iam Instagram)

But people believe his first song, “Dreams,” is dedicated to his sister, and Tongi especially wrote it for his sister’s wedding.

Further, when we dived deep into the details, we not only discovered Ian Tongi’s age but also found the musician is currently a senior student at Decatur High School in Washington State.

And about his relationship status, Tongi has mentioned he hasn’t dated anyone or been in love yet, but he admitted to loving romance movies and writing romantic songs.

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