What Is Jacob Dutton’s Relationship To John Dutton? People are curious about the Dutton family’s history. Let’s get to know the people behind the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

The year 1883 holds the key to the solution. Do you recall Tim McGraw’s portrayal of John’s great-grandfather, the infamous James Dutton?

We hear about James’ brother repeatedly in that show and Yellowstone, for that matter. It just so happens that Ford will portray Jacob Dutton in 1923. 

Jacob and his wife Cara (Helen Mirren), who later passes away (this is revealed in a flashback in Yellowstone season 4), take over as the new owners of the family ranch.

Now is the ideal time to review the cast and characters of the new Yellowstone prequel series 1923, with only a few days left till its launch.

You may be asking how the characters are connected to those in Yellowstone if you know that 1923 will be a genesis narrative. 

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Getting you up to speed is our goal, so buckle up and read on to learn what we know about Jacob Dutton from 1923 and how he is related to the Duttons of today, whom we have grown to know and love on Yellowstone.

How Is Jacob Dutton Related To John Dutton? 

The Great Depression and Prohibition in Montana were experienced by the second generation of Duttons starting in 1923.

Jacob and his wife Cara (Helen Mirren) acquired the ranch from their immediate relatives, as was described in the first episode.

James Dutton’s brother, Jacob, took over the property after his brother passed away.

How Is Jacob Dutton Related To John Dutton?
Jacob Dutton In The Series Yellowstone (Source: Express)

He raised James and Margaret’s kids as his own after discovering that Margaret (Faith Hill) was also dead. Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar) and John Dutton Sr. are Jacob’s nephews (James Badge Dale).

Spencer is currently employed as a wild cat hunter in Africa but will soon return to Montana.

In the most recent episode, John Dutton Senior was tragically killed, and Cara urged her nephew to come back from Africa to protect his family.

Jack Dutton (Darren Mann), the only child of John Dutton Senior, is Jacob’s great-nephew. In the most recent episode, he and his fiancĂ©e Liz Strafford (Michelle Randolph) were shot.

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The family feels more exposed than ever after at least one significant Dutton death. Even though Cara is adamant that her husband lives, she does not appear optimistic when the doctor eventually shows up.

Jacob was sure he wouldn’t make it out of the ambush. Therefore it would be a miracle if he did.

According to James Badge Dale, the cast has tried to identify all of the ancestors of Yellowstone patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

Jacob Dutton Family Tree Explored 

Jacob and his wife Cara are Dutton family members. James and Claire Dutton, their children Elsa, John, and Margaret, and Claire’s daughter Mary Abel embarked on northward journeys in 1883. James is Claire’s brother.

Mary Abel, who had recently lost her husband Henry and recently widowed Claire, died before they reached their destination, while Elsa passed away when the rest of the family did.

Spencer was the second son James and Margaret had afterward.

In the early 20th century, Jacob co-runs the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch with his nephew John.

Even though the Dutton family tree is quite broad, you can find all the information you need on the Duttons of Yellowstone by visiting this page.

Starting with the family’s origins, James and Margaret Dutton, together with their three children, Elsa, John, and Spencer, end up in Montana on the Yellowstone ranch during the western expansion.

Claire, Margaret’s sister, has a daughter who goes by the name of Mary Abel. One of the kids, John Dutton, tells the narrative to the subsequent generations. 

Among his successors are John Dutton II and John Dutton III.

Lee, Beth, and Kayce are John Dutton III’s and Evelyn Dutton’s successors. Jamie Dutton, born to John Dutton III and Garret Randal, is another adopted son.

Tate Dutton, Kayce’s child with Monica Long, is also her child. Using the robust and user-friendly EdrawMax, you may create your own Dutton Family tree from scratch.

Dutton Family Net Worth Explored 

Wide Open Country Magazine notes that Yellowstone is an example of some critical ideas about affluent families and dynasties.

Even if you calculated Dutton’s net worth at $725 million, assuming the ranch’s value matched the real Waggoner Ranch, it would mean something other than Dutton has access to that kind of money.

How Is Jacob Dutton Related To John Dutton?
Some Of the Dutton Family Posing For The Picture (Source: Horsey Hooves)

A rancher’s net worth is mainly based on their land holdings, similar to how CEOs of enormous tech companies have a sizable amount of their net worth invested in shares.

However, because property transactions can be more complicated, it’s frequently simpler for CEOs like Elon Musk to sell a stock than for someone like Dutton’s character to access his money.

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According to series creator Taylor Sheridan in an interview with Deadline, he wants to highlight the challenges ranchers like Dutton endure.

Rich folks purchase parts of the fantasy of ranching and use them on the odd weekend. “Those land values and inheritance taxes are killing a way of life in the process.”

Yellowstone’s Beth and Jamie Dutton must decide whether to accept a sizable monetary offer for their ranch in Season 4.

Even with being a wealthy man, Dutton is cash-poor because of the expense of maintaining the farm and his way of life.

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