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Well, what was meant to happen has happened. ‘Parasite’ made history by becoming the first South Korean movie to be nominated for best picture and best international film.

Parasite Oscar

Not only that, but the movies also bagged four other nominations, bringing the total to six nominations. And obviously, Bong Joon Ho got nominated for best director, followed by Jin Won Han in the original screenplay.

Likewise, the remaining nominations include Jin-mo Yang for film editing and Lee Ha Jun and Cho Won Woo for production design.

Parasite Started The Year With The Bang

‘Parasite’ is the movie that genuinely got the moviegoers and critics rooting for it. In its world premiere at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, the foreign film was warmly embraced by the critics.

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Directed by Bong Joon Ho, the movie revolves around the small Kim family who cons the wealthy Park family for their benefits. Similarly, as the title goes, one family acts as a parasite while the other is a host. One can easily guess which are which in this case.

The twisty thriller movie went on to become the first Korean film to win the Palme d’Or, Cannes’ highest honor.

The Movie was hit in the box office as well.

This thriller movie was not only well-received by the critics but the public as well. Released by Neon, the film grossed an impressive amount of $25.4 million in the US alone. Moreover, it collected $132.3 million globally.

As the movie has been getting more attention and praise, HBO announced the making of miniseries. The news that was announced last week has been getting the fans wild with anticipation. We have to wait and see if the miniseries lives up to the expectation and hype that the movie has created.

Stepping Stone for Foreign Movies

Bong Joon Ho is no amateur when it comes to making mind-blowing movies that blend the thriller with a bit of dark humor. His other master creations include Snowpiercer, The Host, and The Mother.

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Moreover, in an interview with Variety, the director expressed how the Oscar nominations for Parasite will encourage viewers to find out more about South Korean cinema.

He said,

“Korean Cinema has a long history. There are many masters that have yet to be introduced to the Western audience. It would be great if people take more interest in Korean cinema due to my nomination. “

The Directors’s Love for BTS

And indeed, as he wished, more and more people are growing interested in South Korean movies. With the rise in K-pop and groups like BTS, it seems the nation itself is stepping more towards the Western audience.

Parasite BTS
Parasite’s director Bong Joon Ho shows his love for BTS.

Apparently, Bong Joon Ho, himself, is a big fan of the said group. During the press tour, Joon Ho expressed his appreciation for the BTS. Likewise, in his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the director praised the Korean group for leading the way in creativity and vision.

To this, he added,

“Although I’m here at the Golden Globes, BTS has three thousand times the amount of power and influence that I have. I think Korea produces a lot of great artists because we’re very emotionally dynamic people. “

There’s no denying that BTS is the best boy-group in the world right now, with millions of fans or ‘ARMY’ across the globe. They recently performed at the New York Times Square in front of 1.5 million people on New Year’s Eve. Also, they are making their most anticipated comeback on February 23 this year with the album MOTS: 7 (Map Of The Soul: 7). 

Will Parasite Win the Oscar and Make History?

With the nominations made on Monday, Parasite has been creating a buzz in the media. Being the first South Korean movie to achieve such a feat is undoubtedly commendable. However, the announcement of Oscar nominations has raised the level too high.

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Many are eager to see if the movie will end up making history by winning or just by being a nomination. Either way, it is an excellent achievement for a foreign film with zero Western artists and media presence.

Likewise, many movie critics have predicted that ‘Parasite’ is one of the contenders for the ‘Best Motion Picture’ award, followed by 1917 and Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. Well, only time can tell who the big winner will be. Be sure to share your thoughts on it.

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