Helena Cluyou Parents

People want to know about Helena Cluyou Parents and whether she is dead or alive. Helena is a nursing student from France. 

On January 29, Helena disappeared after leaving the “Le One” club at around 5:30 am. 

There is no information about the whereabouts of the student after disappearing.

Twenty-two years old, Helena is currently studying nursing and pursuing her career as a nurse.

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Helena Cluyou Parents: Where Are They From?

Helena Cluyou’s parents’ names are unknown, as little information about her family background has been released.

Even though there is no information about her parents, they are praying for her well-being.

All the family members are worried and are searching for her whereabouts.

According to Le Point, Helena has a grandmother, and she was supposed to return to her house.

The family gave information about her appearance and dress the day she left for the club and went missing.

According to Helena’s family, she wore a black imitation leather skirt, a khaki top and a black coat with a belt.

Along with her dress, they also gave her physical appearance information. She measures approximately 1.65 meters and has brown/blonde colored hair and green/brown eyes.

According to different news sources, the family is said to be from France.

There is no other information about her parents as not much information has been released regarding the victim’s family as the Police and other people want to keep them far from the media.

Is Missing Helena Cluyou Dead Or Alive?

Helena, a young nursing student from France, was last seen in the Recouvrance district in Brest, leaving the “Le One” club on January 29 in the morning.

Since she did not come home, the family alerted the police on Sunday evening. There is no news regarding her being dead or alive.

Helena, since missing, has not given any sign of life. According to the Brest prosecutor, Camille Miansoni, the investigator stated they are struggling to progress. 

Despite the work of the judicial Police’s 18 investigators, they have not yet found the lead of her whereabouts.

Helena Cluyou Parents
Police are posting Helena Cluyou’s details to help them find her. (Source: ici)

The case’s prosecutor has not yet ruled out the possibility of kidnapping. Many questions are circulating in the case as there are no leads about her whereabouts.

The police are investigating and searching for her with the help of information and details about her appearance.

The disappearance of Helena was already worrying and disturbing from the beginning of the investigation as she had no reason not to return to her grandmother’s house where she was living and not to answer her friends.

On the day she disappeared, her friend’s mother was waiting for them in front of the nightclub around 4:30 am.

The young Helena refused to come in and go with her friend and mother. “Helena was happy, smiling when I left. She wanted to stay at the Party.

She’s of age, and I couldn’t force her. I just told her: if you have a problem, call me” she entrusts her friend to BFM TV.

Helena Cluyou Case Update

As of May, 2024, Helena is still missing after disappearing. There is no update or information regarding her whereabouts.

Although the police are still investigating the case and her whereabouts, there are no latest updates about her.

Helena Cluyou
Helena Cluyou is missing, and there are no latest updates regarding her whereabouts. (Source: Faits Divers)

The police are still searching and are worried about the case and have not ruled out the possibility of kidnapping. 

Despite all the research, they have yet to find a lead clue to help them reach Helena.

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