Heidi Van Pelt

Heidi Van Pelt is an American Vegan chef who is sadly not known for her healthy lifestyle. But she is notoriously famous for her relationship with an actor, Taran Noah Smith. However, their difference in the profession is not what caught the media’s attention; it was their age gap.

Yes, you heard it right. Heidi and Taran had a huge age gap between them almost sixteen years. Hence, their relationship was always criticized by the media, and eventually, they split apart. Today we will include their relationship but will emphasize more on Heidi.

So, get to know more about this personality and the reason behind their split. Right here, right now.

Heidi Van Pelt age
Heidi Van Pelt

But before, here are some interesting facts about Heidi Van Pelt.

Heidi Van Pelt: Quick Facts

Full Name Heidi Van Pelt
Net Worth $300,000
Date of Birth July 11, 1968
Age 51 years
Birthplace Missouri, the United States of America
Education University of Washington
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Marital Status Divorced
Net Worth $300,000


Heidi Van Pelt was born on July 11, 1968, in the Midwestern state of Missouri, the United States of America. Heidi spent her childhood shuffling between her parents since they were divorced. However, there is no information about her parents, including their whereabouts and names.

Talking about her education, Heidi studied at different colleges and universities in her lifetime. Initially, Heidi attended two high schools during her childhood in Missouri. One is the Blue Springs, and the other being Oak Park High School.

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After that, the young Heidi struggled to choose the college because of her different courses. In the beginning, she attended Stephens College in Columbia to study fashion designing. But due to some reasons with classmates, Pelt left college and enrolled in the University of Missouri. There the young chef studied German and philosophy.

However, in 1988, Heidi transferred again to the University of Washington in Seattle to study the Russian Studies program. With the help of the program, she dreamt of becoming the Central Intelligence Agent (CIA) agent. But once again, with just as a single semester left, Heidi dropped out and started a company called Emergent Films.

Heidi Van Pelt: Age- How Old Is Heidi Van Pelt?

As of 2019, the American chef, born in 1968 is 51 years old. Unfortunately, the vegan chef has not mentioned much when it comes to her personal life. And that includes her birthday too.

Talking about her height, Pelt is relatively tall, but her exact measurements are unknown at the moment. Also, Heidi’s other physical measurements, including weight, are still in the dark.

Similarly, Heidi has short brown hair and attractive brown eyes. Since the vegan chef has not made a public appearance for a long time, it is hard to tell how she is at the moment.

Net Worth and Income- What Is Heidi Van Pelt Worth?

The vegan chef/businesswoman has earned a lot of amount from her culinary career. But the inspiring vegan chef has yet to disclose all the information regarding her net worth and income.

Though she has earned sufficient amount enough for a lifetime, it is hard to put it in numbers. However, it is believed Heidi’s net worth is estimated at around $300,000.

Heidi Van Pelt: Career

Heidi’s career took a turn for good after she established the Emergent Films in 1990. But like before, she left the establishment and moved to Los Angeles. With her unsettled mind and heart, Heidi became frustrated and hopped from work to work. Likewise, she shifted from working as a prop master to a production assistant.

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But finally, Heidi was able to set her mind as a Vegan cook. Since she was a vegetarian from way back, it was not a hard feat for her. Moreover, she was supported by some animal-rights activists to pursue her dream and make it into reality.

This led Heidi to be a sensation in Hollywood. During this time, Pelt also studied online at the American Academy of Nutrition to expand her knowledge about plants and vegetables. Similarly, Pelt even received a nutritional counselor certificate and started a clinic in Los Angeles.

Because of it, Heidi caught the media’s attention and became a co-host of a show titled Raw Health on the local radio station.

Heidi Van Pelt: Husband and Married

After moving to Los Angeles, Heidi was able to meet the love of her life. Heidi met Taran Noah Smith while she was in the pursuit of making her mark in the culinary industry. Since Heidi was a nutritional counselor, Taran, and his friend, Zachary Ty Bryant often visited her house.

The pair made a connection in their second meeting and soon got married in 2001. At that time, Tara was just eighteen years old while Heidi was thirty-four.  As expected, the couple received backlashes from media and fans. They received even more hate when finding that Taran also lied to his parents about Heidi’s age.

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Despite the controversies, the couple stayed together for six years before breaking up in 2007. As one of the reasons for their separation, Heidi blamed Taran’s excessive partying and affairs. At the same time, Taran accused Heidi of moving their grocery business money to her account.

It seemed the couple’s age difference and mentality jabbed their relationship. Eventually, the couple officially split up on February 2, 2007.

There has been no news about Heidi ever since the divorce. Also, she is not active on any social media platforms.

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