Hareem Shah Bathroom Video

Hareem Shah Bathroom Video was making the rounds on social media, according to the 24NewsHD TV station.

Fiza Hussain, known as Hareem Shah, is a TikTok-based Pakistani social media star. In October 2019, Hareem Shah’s video taken within the Foreign Office sparked outrage, and Prime Minister Imran Khan requested an investigation into how Shah was permitted.

Once a video recording of her chat with federal minister Sheikh Rasheed was published, she faced outrage for her remarks. She was insulted at a mall inauguration event in Dubai in December 2019.

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Hareem Shah slapped Mufti Qavi in January 2021 during a ‘dirty,’ ‘vulgar’ chat and claimed Mufti Qavi physically abused her and her cousin. Hareem Shah filed an FIR in March 2021 against a friend for attempted murder and bodily violence.

Hareem Shah Bathroom Video Viral On Twitter: Why Is her Toothpaste The Issue?

Hareem Shah, the queen of scandal, came under Fire on Tuesday for yet another filthy leaked film that was making the rounds on social media, according to the 24NewsHD TV station.

Videos of Hareem Shah allegedly engaging in indecent behaviors in a restroom under the shower are circulating online.

Hareem Shah Bathroom Video
Hareem Shah Bathroom Video Viral On Twitter (source: Youtube)

An unnamed user posted and shared the footage after the TikTok diva’s private data was compromised in a security breach.

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Hareem Shah accused her pals Ayesha Naz and Sandal Khattak of releasing her private tapes in her most recent statement. 

She said that when they lived together, her buddies grabbed data from her phone. She added that she would pursue legal action against the alleged perpetrators.

Hareem Shah has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons since the beginning of her career. She’s usually been involved in disputes and video leaks. She was even arrested in Turkey for her involvement in a gold and cash smuggling scheme.

Why Is Hareem Shah Bathroom Video Viral Trending? Who Leaked The Video?

The recordings of the Hareem Shah affair are going viral on social media. Shah is seen in the leaked video engaging in improper acts that have gotten much attention from the public and her supporters on social media.

Tiktoker Hareem Shah claims that her pals Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz stole and leaked her filthy videos online.

Hareem Shah Bathroom Video
Hareem Shah Bathroom Video Viral Trending (source: Bloggiaidap247)

It should be mentioned that information concerning the renowned queen Hareem Shah’s scandal recordings is widely disseminated on social media. In scandalous recordings posted online by an unknown user, the social media celebrity is shown acting lewdly.

Hareem told a reporter that while living together, her two close friends and fellow TikToker Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz gained control of her data from her cell phone.

According to the social media star, Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz will face a data breach lawsuit.

Hareem Shah was born Fiza Hussain to Zarar Hussain Shah and attended a religious, educational establishment as a child. She is a graduate student in comparative religion at the University of Peshawar.

Despite the criticism, Shah has maintained a large social media following thanks to her engaging Instagram feed and exciting content. 

Her distinct sense of style and quick wit have garnered her a devoted fan base of over a million followers, making her a well-known online influencer.

Meet Hareem Shah Husband Bilal Shah

Social Media have allowed people to have global interaction, recognition, and gain fame. However, the same medium has been used to release people’s private content, which is illegal and inhumane behavior.

Hareem became known for her TikTok videos and gained acclaim as a social media influencer. But, her personal clip was released online, which has made her a victim of trolls and harsh comments.

Releasing someone’s intimate video is a violation of privacy. The Pakistani TikToker has accused her friends of releasing the said content.

But the deed is done, and the incident must have affected Hareem’s family too. Speaking of which, she is said to be married to her partner, Bilal Shah.

The pair had a love and arranged marriage. The gorgeous lady said, “We did not meet or talk on the phone before we tied the knot. When we met, we both felt that we should get married.”

Shah further added her family members were also happy with her decision to marry Bilal, and their consent was included. So, in a way, she accepted his marriage proposal because of her family.

Hareem Shah Husband
Hareem Shah With Her Husband Bilal Shah (Source: Tribune)

Hareem and Bilal have differences in opinions and lifestyles. But, it hasn’t stopped the couple from building a middle ground and understanding each other’s sentiments.

The TikToker once shared that she did not like guys who take drugs and smoke. Thankfully, she found a perfect match, as Bilal doesn’t smoke or take drugs and hates gossiping. Likewise, he refrains from speaking nonsense.

Similarly, Hareem Shah’s husband also speaks fondly of her. He shared that she has not done anything that would cause him to hang his head in shame.

Since their marriage, Hareem has never let her hubby down. Bilal adds Hareem is foolish and quickly trusts everyone.

He is afraid the TikToker’s naive character might allow her to be easily bullied or taken advantage of. So, he often tells her to work on that habit.

The couple’s love is one of a kind. However, recently the pair’s separation rumors have surfaced. It arose after the beautiful lady shared a song on IG.

People quickly started assuming about the lovebirds’ separation after the post. However, it seems unlikely, as Hareem hasn’t talked about getting divorced.

Celebrities are prone to death, breakup, and other hoaxes. So, it’s likely that the Shah couple’s separation is only a rumor and nothing more.

Hareem also addressed the fake news surfacing about her and her husband. She expressed anger and mentioned she never pays attention to such rumors. 

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