Hairy Biker Dave Myers Tattoos

Dave Myers, born David James Myers on September 8, 1957, was an English television presenter best known as one-half of the Hairy Bikers duo alongside Si King.

He had an acceptable art degree and a master’s in art history, initially working as a professional make-up artist specializing in prosthetics before transitioning to television.

Myers and King presented various television cookery series for the BBC and launched their product, The Hairy Bikers Diet Club.

In 2011, Dave Myers married Liliana Orzac, whom he met while filming in Romania for the BBC, and they have two stepchildren.

Throughout his career, Myers was known for appearing on shows like “Strictly Come Dancing” and his culinary adventures with Si King.

Tragically, Dave Myers passed away at the age of 66 after a two-year battle with cancer.

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Hairy Biker Dave Myers Tattoos: fish Portrait Inked In His Arm 

Hairy Biker Dave Myers’ tattoos were a source of fascination for his fans. Indeed, he had several tattoos adorning his body.

One of Dave Myers’s tattoos was prominently displayed on his arm: a fish portrait. The story behind this tattoo revealed a humorous twist to its origin.

In an interview with The Northern Echo, Myers recounted how he and his friend found themselves with the unexpected consequence of a drunken night out in Darlington.

While deliberating over tattoo designs, Myers initially suggested a horseshoe. However, they ultimately settled on a fish due to a limited selection.

Hairy Biker Dave Myers Tattoos
Dave Myers with Si King. (Source: ITV)

This spontaneous decision resulted in Myers sporting a fish tattoo on his arm, a whimsical souvenir of a night filled with laughter and camaraderie.

While some tattoos carry deep personal meanings or carefully planned symbolism, this fish portrait stood out for its unscripted nature.

Despite its unconventional origin, the fish tattoo became a distinctive part of Myers’ identity, adding character to his persona.

It served as a reminder of the unpredictability of life’s experiences and the joy found in spontaneous moments.

For fans curious about the significance of this tattoo, its meaning lay in the memories shared during that memorable night.


It symbolized friendship, spontaneity, and the simple pleasures of living in the moment.

In celebrity tattoos, where intricate designs and profound meanings often dominate the conversation, Myers’ fish portrait stood as a lighthearted reminder of the beauty of unexpected adventures.

While it may not have held profound symbolism, its presence on Myers’ arm spoke volumes about the spontaneity and humor that defined his personality.

Hairy Biker Dave Myers Other Tattoo Meaning And Design

Hairy Biker Dave Myers’ tattoo collection extends beyond the fish portrait on his arm.

Among his notable tattoos is a depiction of Che Guevara, which holds a special significance tied to a memorable experience shared with his fellow Hairy Bikers co-star, Si King.

The story behind Myers’ Che Guevara tattoo dates back to 2006 when he and King were filming in South America, particularly Argentina.

They decided to commemorate their journey with matching tattoos during their time there.

As a tribute to their adventures in the land of Che Guevara’s birth, Myers opted to have the iconic revolutionary figure permanently etched on his right arm.

This tattoo is more than just a souvenir from a trip; it symbolizes the spirit of adventure and camaraderie that defines the Hairy Bikers’ dynamic partnership.

It’s proof of the shared experiences and bonds forged during their travels, capturing the essence of their friendship in a single image.

Hairy Biker Dave Myers Tattoos
Dave Myers during an interview. (Source: Wales Online)

Che Guevara’s choice as the tattoo’s subject adds depth to its meaning. Beyond symbolizing their time in Argentina, Guevara represents ideals of revolution, activism, and standing up for one’s beliefs.

For Myers, this tattoo may also reflect his values and principles, resonating with his adventurous spirit and commitment to authenticity.

In celebrity tattoos, where each inked design often tells a story, Myers’ Che Guevara tattoo stands out for its blend of personal significance and cultural symbolism.

It serves as a visual reminder of the journeys undertaken and the bonds formed along the way, encapsulating the spirit of exploration that defines the Hairy Bikers’ adventures.

So, while the fish portrait may be the most well-known of Myers’ tattoos, his Che Guevara ink adds another layer of depth to his body art collection, reflecting personal experiences and shared memories with his co-star and friend, Si King.

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