Greta Thunberg Arrested

Greta Thunberg arrested memes have become viral on the internet. People are curious why the young lady was detained.

She is a Swedish environmental activist and a pioneer of school strikes against climate change. 

After she started protesting outside the Swedish parliament in May 2018 and demanded action to reach the carbon emissions target by world leaders in 2015, Greta gained international attention.

Every Friday, instead of attending school, she would continue her demonstrations, which gradually gained support on social media.

It was joined by thousands of children worldwide, which still continues to this day. 

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Greta Thunberg Arrested Memes: Where Is Climate Activist Now?

Greta was detained during a protest in January 2023 outside of L├╝tzerath, Germany, against the town’s destruction so a coal mine could be expanded.

On January 17, 2023, news of Thunberg’s arrest spread along with images of it, particularly when she grins while being escorted away by German police.

Ms. Thunberg looked unbothered and was smiling at the camera. 

Memes about the arrest started trending, some of which reference Andrew Tate.

Greta Thunberg Arrest Meme
Meme About Greta Thunberg Arrest (Source: Twitter)

Andrew, aka Mr. Producer, was arrested after having a Twitter feud with the activist in December 2022. 

In fact, he was allegedly tracked down through a pizza box seen on the video he posted bashing Greta and is currently in jail for an investigation on human trafficking.

The meme community did not miss to bring out the past; some even claimed it was a payback for getting Tate locked up. 

However, Greta was released the night she was detained and is in her home. 

Is Greta Thunberg Sick? What Is She Suffering From?

Greta Thunberg was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, selective mutism, and OCD.

In 2011, when Greta was eight years old, she first learned about climate change and was confused about the little work being done against it.

She became unhappy over the circumstance, which caused her to stop talking and eat irregularly when she was 11.

In fact, she lost about ten kilograms in two months.

Greta battled depression for over four years before starting her campaign for the school strike.

Greta Thunberg Arrest
Greta Thunberg Traveling Through Ship (Source: BBC)

In May 2015, Greta Thunberg’s mother revealed her condition in Sweden in an effort to support other families going through a similar scenario.

Despite accepting her diagnosis, she has referred to her Asperger’s as her “superpower” and does not consider it a disease.

As a result, Greta is referred to as the most well-known advocate for both autism and climate change.

In 2021, she noted that the “Fridays for Future” movement included and welcomed many individuals with autism.

She believes that since they cannot turn away and are forced to speak the truth as they see it, persons with autism are more likely to become climate activists.

Greta Thunberg Family Explored

Greta was born on 3 January 2003, in Stockholm, Sweden, to her father, actor Svante Thunberg, and mother, opera singer Malena Ernman.

She also has a younger sister, Beata Thunberg. Her activism started from her home when she urged her parents to decrease their carbon footprint. 

For roughly two years, Thunberg urged her parents to stop traveling, go vegan, and practice upcycling.

Greta Thunberg Family
Greta With Her Family (Source: Washington Post)

Her mother’s international career as an opera singer had to be put on hold to give up flying.

Since Greta’s parents followed her words, it raised her hope that she could create real changes.  

In 2020, “Our House Is on Fire: Scenes of a Family and a Planet in Crisis” was published as an update to the 2018 book “Scenes from the Heart,” which told the family’s tale.

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