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Day by day, Hollywood is becoming diverse in terms of its role and the people who play them. Among them, Godfrey Gao has successfully made his mark in the film and the Fashion industry of Hollywood. He was also the first Asian male model of Louis Vuitton, the world-renowned fashion brand.

Gao was someone who can make it big in the entertainment industry, and being honest, and he had already made an impressive fanbase and career. Let’s get to know more about the dashing and handsome Godfrey, who had been breaking the Asian stereotypes.

Despite being no more, Gao still lingers in the mind of his beloved fans. Let’s reminiscence about this great personality right now.

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Godfrey Gao

But first, some exciting facts about Godfrey Gao.

Godfrey Gao: Quick Facts

Full Name: Godfrey Gao
Age: 35 years
Birth Date: September 22, 1984
Horoscope: Virgo
Birth Place: Taipei, Taiwan
Education: Capilano University
Height: 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm)
Build: Mesomorph
Profession: Actor, Model
Net Worth: $2 million
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter

Godfrey Gao Died At The Age of 35

The famous actor and Nation’s Husband, Godfrey Gao, died after collapsing on the set of a variety show in China. The actor was just 35 years old when he fell and lost consciousness during the shoot on November 27, 2019. 

According to the Chinese news media outlets, he collapsed around 02:00 local time (18:00 GMT Tuesday).

Moreover, the statement read,

“Guest participant Godfrey suddenly collapsed to the ground while running. The programme’s on-site paramedics began lifesaving measures immediately and urgently transported him to the hospital.”

The management of Chase Me added,

“After two hours of all-out efforts to save him, the hospital said he had suffered a sudden cardiac death.”

Many fans and fellow actors have flooded his Instagram with condolences and heartfelt messages soon after the death.

Goodbye Godfrey Gao: Emotional Farewell

Biding farewell to our beloved ones is never easy, and it was not easy for the Gao family either. Don’t you agree? Godfrey Gao, who died on November 27, was finally laid to rest and cremated on December 15, 2019, at Taipei First Funeral Parlour.

According to China Press, the late star’s funeral was attended by 300 relatives and friends-including his girlfriend, Bella Su. Also, Gao’s two elder brothers were first to arrive at the funeral parlor.

Godfrey Gao Funeral
Fans and Loved Ones Honoring His Death

Likewise, they were greeted by 3 Buddhist monks while one of the brothers was seen cradling an urn in his arm. After them, the late star’s brocade-draped casket was led into the parlor. The heartbreaking moment lasted around 70-80 minutes, and Gao’s loved ones had red and swollen eyes after the cremation.

Moreover, Gao’s funeral 3-hour long funeral service was streamed live by the Chinese YouTube channel. It was for the people who could not attend the funeral and say their prayers in person. You can check out the video here.

Godfrey Gao’s Brother Is Still Not Over His Death

It’s been over a month already since the untimely demise of Godfrey Gao. However, many are still not over his death. One can surely not go through the grief of losing someone you love so quickly. Imagine the pain if the said person was your loved ones, not to mention your blood.

On January 28, Gao’s older brother Charles expressed his feelings about his later brother. And it seems he is still grieving. In an Instagram post, he wrote,

“You just get up and leave after spending 35 years as my little brother. Aren’t you being a little spoiled? I didn’t even have the time to say goodbye.”

He was further complaining about the broken promises and unfulfilled quests.

“What about the promise that you’ll film me off-roading when you have time? I am still hoping for the day when we can ride our dream cars to race each other. You’re not even giving me a chance to beat you.”

“Didn’t you say that we’ll enjoy life together till old age? It’s okay. In the scenes that follow, we’ll act it out. We’ll walk together. The year of the rat is your year, and I’ll spend it with you.”

“These sentimental thoughts are all trapped in my head, and it’s hard to release them.”


However, after all, winning like what siblings do, Charles vowed to forge ahead and put the painful past behind. With the hopeful message he wrote,

” In this new year, I want a new start.”

Early Life and Education

Godfrey Gao, also known by his Chinese name Gao Yi Xiang was born on September 22, 1984, in Taipei, Taiwan. The Gao family later moved to Vancouver, Canada, during his childhood. Similarly, Gao was the son of Tsao Tao-cheng, a Taiwanese father, and Tan Say Tin, a Malaysian mother; hence, the model possesses mixed ethnicity.

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Also, the model held both Taiwanese and Canadian nationality. Originally, Gao’s father is a Shanghainese but grew up in Taiwan, while his mother is a Peranakan from George Town. The model’s mother was a former beauty queen, and his father was a tour guide from Taiwan.

Talking about his education, Gao first graduated from Argyle Secondary School and then pursued his higher education at Capilano University in North Vancouver. During his University days, the young Gao was engaged in sports ranging from basketball and Volleyball to taekwondo.

Age and Measurements

At the time of his death, Godfrey was just 35 years old. He just turned 35 this year on September 22. Also, contrary to everyone’s belief, Gao was a tall man, very tall. The bachelor was 6 feet 4 inches(193 cm) tall and had a mesomorph body.

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Talking about his features, Gao had a sharp chin and fair skin complexion. Also, the actor/model possessed dark brown eyes and dark black hair that was always perfectly styled. And who could forget his beard? Who said Asians couldn’t grow beards? Well, all those people should look at Godfrey Gao, and I am sure they would have changed their opinion.

And add all of that to his humble, down-to-earth personality and chic style, and boom! We have a winner. But it’s sad thinking how he can only be seen in the photos captured. We can no longer see his presence live.

Godfrey Gao Career: ‘Nation’s Husband’

Godfrey Gao first started his career with a new screen acting in Canadian productions such as Stargate SG– and Still Life. After that, he decided to base his career in his home country Taiwan and well rest is history.

Godfrey Gao net worth is $2 million
Godfrey Gao for Shoot magazine (2018)

Since returning to Taiwan to work as a model in 2004, Gao had appeared in several dramas and films. His filmography includes All about Women(2008), Toy Story 3(2010), Min & Max(2016), Love is a Broadway Hit(2017), Legend of the Ancient Sword(2018), and many more.

Further, the Taiwanese-Canadian model and actor Gao had made an appearance on a small-screen as well. Some of his remarkable TV shows include Bull Fighting(2007), Momo Love(2009), Volleyball Lover(2010), The Queen of SOP(2012), Never Give Up Dodo(2013), and God of War, Zhao Yun(2015).

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However, his most memorable role has to be of ‘Magnus Bane‘ in the film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in 2013. Also, the versatile Gao was managed by JetStar Entertainment before his untimely death.

First Asian Male Model of Louis Vuitton

Godfrey Gao was successful as an actor and model in Taiwan, but he became even more high-profile after modeling Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2011. In fact, Gao being the first-ever Asian male model to front a French Luxury brand Campaign, became a huge deal and buzzed the media.

Godfrey Gao model
Godfrey Gao for Louis Vuitton Summer Campaign

Instantly, Gao, with his godly looks and aura, became the talk of the town both inside and outside the country. Moreover, Gao had also been a celebrity guest for DKNY’s Spring 2010 fashion show and the grand opening for the Louis Vuitton Island Maison in Singapore.

Furthermore, to prove his popularity, Godfrey Gao was always surrounded by paparazzi and fans equally. Following his success, the 35-year-old model was even titled as the ‘Nation’s Husband.’

Godfrey Gao: Personal Life

As of 2019, the mighty Godfrey Gao was still single. But before his demise, the late model was rumored to be dating his non-celebrity girlfriend, Bella, since July 2017. Bella, known initially as Su Xiang, is twelve years younger than Godfrey.

The two formerly met each other with the help of former basketball star Mao Jia En. Eventually, the two hit it off and dated for a while. However, Godfrey denied any rumors and allegations about his dating life.

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Furthermore, the model/actor clarified that he was too busy to settle just yet. Well, it seemed the bachelor was too busy obsessing over basketball and the NBA players.

Godfrey Gao:  Net Worth

At the time of his death, the Taiwanese-Canadian model/actor had an estimated net worth of $2 million. Gao was still a young man, and in his prime and with years to come, the model was bound to make a fortune.

Similarly, the dandy Godfrey Gao earned $1,923.08 per week and $8,333.33 per month. So, as per the simple calculation, Gao made approximately $100,000 annually from his professional career.

Social Media Presence

You know a star is doing it right when he/ she has a huge fan following on social media accounts.

Instagram 669K Followers

Twitter93.1K Followers

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