Jennifer Robertson Daughter

Maxine and Marcus’ mother, Ellen, is portrayed by Jennifer Robertson in the popular TV series Ginny and Georgia. Many are curious about Jennifer Robertson’s child with her spouse.

Jennifer Robertson was born in Vancouver, Canada, on November 17, 1971. She was raised in an upper-middle-class family.

For her primary education, Jennifer went to a neighborhood private high school in her hometown. She subsequently enrolled at Vancouver University, where she eventually graduated.

Moreover, Robertson decided to pursue a profession as an Actor and comedian when she was a youngster because she was reared in a family that valued good performance and was greatly influenced by her parents.

She has been in various shows, and now she is playing the role of Ellen in New Show Ginny and Georgia.

The first season of Ginny and Georgia debuted on Netflix in February 2021, and the second season will now release in January 2023.

Giving her children a solid and loving childhood is a 30-year-old Georgian mother of two’s primary concern in this show.

She encounters a lot of challenges along the way and holds a lot of secrets from her past.

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Meet Jennifer Robertson Child With Her Husband

In 2018, Jennifer Robertson’s husband unexpectedly died while they were on their honeymoon. She was devastated after her husband passed away.

Gerald Cotten, her late husband, once owned Quadriga CX, one of Canada’s largest cryptocurrencies at the time.

Jennifer Robertson Child
Jennifer Robertson with her Late Husband Gerald Cotten (Source: MansworldIndia)

After meeting each other on Tinder, the pair began dating. When they were dating, according to Cotten, he worked in the bitcoin industry.

After her spouse passed away, it was believed that he had committed fraud, kept all their money, and taken the password to his grave.

The examination found that although Gerald died of Crohn’s disease, several others attempted to steal their money right away.

Gerald’s passing led to the bankruptcy of his business.

She also has a stunning nine-year-old daughter, whose Father has not yet been revealed. Her fiancé also has two daughters from a previous marriage.

Andrew Homeyer, a software engineer, and Jennifer are currently engaged.

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Jennifer Robertson Family Explored

Robertson’s parents are Bob Robertson and Linda Cullen. Following the divorce of her parents, Bob married his stepmother.

Like her mother, Linda, her Father was a Double Exposure comedy ensemble member.

Her brother’s name is Patrick Robertson, and she won’t talk about her birth mother.

She grew up in a privileged family as well. It follows that she did not grow up in a difficult situation.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Jennifer Robertson?

Jennifer Robertson’s net worth is projected to be $2.5 million as of now. Her primary sources of income are acting, movies, TV shows, Instagram, endorsements, and other things.

Jennifer Robertson Net Worth
Jennifer Robertson as Ellen in the show Ginny and Georgia (Source: Buzzfeed)

Since she owns her property, we can infer that she also generates revenue through her Company.

Writing has had a significant impact on Jennifer’s ability to accumulate riches.

She gained value since her ex-husband gave her his mansion and yacht in his will.

Furthermore, she is also playing in a famous TV series which has undoubtedly increased her fortune.

Robertson has yet to reveal her wealth, so we don’t know. We’ll let you know as soon as Jennifer discloses the truth about her personal life and financial status.

Till then, we can only wish the actress more success and prosperity.

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