George Jung Cocaine Kingpin

George Jung produced a living from drug smuggling with his links and impact and often ended up behind bars in multiple correctional facilities. A fascinating personality, Jung rose to a small-scale marijuana smuggler from a high school football player in no small cocaine kingpin who operated with one of the largest and most ruthless drug cartels ever.

Before becoming a big cocaine smuggler, Jung was just an ordinary marijuana dealer. But short imprisonment eventually changed his life and linked him to a convicted drug cartel, which later became the brain behind nearly all the cocaine that sneaked into the US between the 1970s and 1980s.

George Jung
George Jung

Here is all the information about the former drug trafficker known as Boston George or El Americano; he lived most of his lives effectively maximizing profit and evading officials.

George Jung: Quick Facts

Birth Name:
George Jacob Jung
Birth Year: August 6, 1942
Age: 78 Years Old
Birth Place: Boston George, El Americano
Other names: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Occupation: Drug trafficker and Smuggler
Criminal status: Released on July 3, 2017, from halfway house due to a parole violation
Children: Kristina Sunshine Jung, stepdaughter Clara Pearson
Parents: Frederick Jung and Ermine Jung
Conviction: Drug trafficking and smuggling


George Jacob Jung, AKA El Americano was born in the capital of Massachusetts, Boston, on 6 August 1942. George Jung was brought up by his parents Frederick and Ermine Jung in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

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He got his high school diploma from Weymouth High Scholl. Despite not being a very bright student, Jung was good at sports and was an outstanding quarterback for the football team of his school. George received a lot of accolades for his leadership qualities.

He also studied advertising at Southern Mississippi University. However, he left his studies and started to deal with marijuana in smaller amounts to meet ends.

Age and Body Measurements

George is 78 years old. He stands at the height of 5’9″ and weighs 84 kgs. The lord kingpin is approaching his 80’s, but still, his charisma and charm are commendable. But there is no information about the vital body statistics.

George stands at a tall height, and when he is in study days, the man was actively involved in sports. In his prime, Jung was more of an athletic individual. To complete the physical outlook, dark brown hair color and black hair play the lead role.

George Jung Marijuana Facts

George began dealing with marijuana on a bigger scale after returning from California to Massachusetts in 1967 with a significant quantity of marijuana.

Initially, George began smuggling marijuana through his flight attendant girlfriend but eventually smuggled in more massive amounts of drugs from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico using stolen aircraft, making millions of bucks from this development.

After approximately seven years of thriving drug smuggling, George Jung was arrested in 1974 and sent by the authorities to the Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury, for some time in prison.

However, this was not George’s first time; he was once detained in high school for patronizing an s*x worker.

While Jung served at the Danbury Federal Correctional Institute, he touched with fellow prisoner Carlos Lehder Rivas, who had links with the Medellin Cartel.

The Medellin Cartel was an international syndicate of drug trafficking led by the famous Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Carlos and George became very near and established some symbiotic relationship.

Carlos introduced Jung to the Medellin Cartel, and George, in turn, taught Carlos some of his sophisticated smuggling tricks and established a strong partnership together.

George And Carlos

Carlos and George Jung were published in April 1975 and spent no time placing into practice all the plans they had planned.

They used aircraft to smuggle cocaine from Pablo Escobar’s Columbia ranch to California in America, as George had suggested.

George will then move the cocaine fly to a car and hand over the car key to Richard Barile (California connecting George), who will complete the smuggling circle afterward.

George produced millions as the middleman in this agreement. Still, Carlos Lehder quickly sidelined him, who chose to eliminate the need for a middleman and go with the company directly to Richard Barile.

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However, George continued to smuggle narcotics for himself and other company associates, ensuring that he continued to create millions of dollars in profit.

The police finally caught George in 1985. He was further convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to 15 years in prison, but he agreed to snatch a renowned partner and decreased his sentence to 4 years.

George Jung 1989 Release 

Jung was released in 1989, promising to transform a fresh leaf into a drug deal to create a stronger connection with his strange daughter.

He also worked with Bruce Porter, an American journalist who released a book called Blow in 1993. He has also done some legitimate employment and worked with Bruce Porter, an American journalist who published a 1993 book called Blow.

George returned to his old ways like a dog to his vomit and was detained again in 1994 with 796 kg of cocaine and marijuana worth more than $500,000. He has been sentenced to 60 years in prison.

However, his sentence was decreased to 21 years, considering one year of imprisonment during his trial.

George was initially imprisoned in the Federal Medium-Security Prison in Otisville, Mount Hope, New York, and subsequently moved to the Federal Men’s Low-Security Prison in Anthony, Texas.


A film title Blow, based on Bruce Porter’s 1993 novel about George was published in 2001, while Jung was still serving his jail time.

The film starred the sensation of Hollywood, Johnny Depp, and later it was revealed that Johnny frequently visited George in prison to adequately portray the character of George Jung in the film.

He also contributed to T. Rafael Cimino’s Heavy, a fiction about George Jung’s escape from a Cuban jail before fleeing to Guatemala.

George’s 2014 Release From Prison 

Recent proof from the FBI site shows that George was transferred to the Federal Correctional Institution in ‘Fort Dix.’ At some stage during his incarceration, and subsequently moved to a halfway house to serve the remainder of his sentence.

George was released from prison on November 27, 2014, but was detained after two years and sent to county prison in California for breaking the conditions of his parole.

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Above all, he was revealed to have made his parole officer’s paid advertising appearance without proper clearance. Jung was sentenced to 9 months in prison and released after his sentence was finished 3 July 2017.

Since then, he has returned to his former Weymouth neighborhood and was surprised at his warm welcome.

George Jung Wife And Daughter

George was married to a woman named Mirtha from Colombia. The couple met when George was active in the Medellin Cartel and tied a knot in 1977. In 1978, George and Mirtha were blessed with a daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung.

However, their marriage did not last as long as they were separated in 1984. Mirtha was a cocaine addict and also helped George perpetrate some of his offenses against drug smuggling.

Currently, George is married to a daughter named Clara Pearson, Ronda Clay Spinello Jung.

George doesn’t regret how he lived his life or how things turned out but claim to have learned many lessons from his experiences. Furthermore, he wants to have a stronger connection with his daughter Kristina and has attempted to smooth things between them.

Although there’s a lot of water under the bridge, George and Kristina still try to create things function. A clothing business called BG Apparel and Merchandise was recently started. We wish George well in trying to do something with what’s left of his life.

George Jung Net Worth

George Jung made as much as $5 million a day during the height of his drug trafficking career. However, getting caught up in the law and spending what was left of it on legal charges has reduced its total net worth considerably.

As of now, his estimated net worth is $10,000. This amount surely might be surprising to lots of fans, but his secretive nature is quite understandable. Other than this, the information on the annual income and assets owned will also be updated soon.

Looking at the current achievements, the association with the daughter surely helps him to garner some positive vision. The father-daughter duo is doing well in merchandising.

Where is George Jung Now? Is He Still Alive?

George Jung is still alive. Although he was detained in 2016 for breach of parole and spent a few months in prison, since 3 July 2017, he has been a free person.

He has made several documentary programs about him, including a 2001 film, Blow, where the actor, Johnny Depp, portrayed him.

Jonny Depp as George Jung
Johnny Depp as George Jung

A couple of online sources claim that the drug mafia had remarried for the second time, Ronda Clay Spinello Jung.

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