Ftn Bae Arrested

Ftn Bae Arrested for violating a restraining order and harassing OTF Doodie Lo, and bringing new allegations against him, including accusing him.

FTN Bae, aka Brittney Reed, is a prominent American rapper, singer, musician, model, Instagram sensation, and businesswoman from Maryland, United States. 

In the music industry, A well-known rapper and singer, Bae. Her beautiful voice mainly fueled her massive fan base. She was the several songs and music albums. Mind Your Business, Cry No More, Our Little Secret, I Need Love Too, and more hits are among her many.

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She was famed as Curly Red and eventually changed her name to FTN Bae. According to her Instagram bio, FTN means Forget The Negativity & Fuck These Ni*as. She has also released some tracks under her name. Aside from that, Bae has appeared in several music videos.

Ftn Bae Arrested: What Did She Do? What Is Her Real Name?

FTN Bae, whose actual name is Britney Elder, is a rapper who has lately been in the headlines for her arrest for breaking a restraining order and harassing OTF Doodie Lo. 

The court issued an injunction prohibiting FTN Bae from contacting Doodie Lo. Still, she allegedly continued to contact him and level additional charges against him, including accusing him of sexually abusing her son.

Ftn Bae Arrested
Ftn Bae Arrested for aggravated stalking after injection for safety (source: etcnews)

FTN Bae was also accused in August 2022 of sodomizing her 5-year-old kid with screws, which she said was done by Doodie Lo. Doodie Lo, on the other hand, has recently launched a lawsuit against FTN Bae for child sex assault charges.

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The Drama also featured a letter to lawyer Ariel E. Mitchell. Elder specifically addressed Elder’s claims that the lie detector test used to clear the Lil Durk associate was flawed.

“It is my understanding that Ms. Elder has claimed that the outcomes of Mr. Saulsberry’s evaluation were the result of a bribe, either monetary or another material reward, or that the technique applied to him was different than that which she experienced. None of these charges are genuine or have any basis in reality.”

Who Are Ftn Bae Parents? Family Explored

FTN Bae, the renowned rapper, was born on Saturday, June 3, 1995, in Maryland, United States. 

The woman’s Facebook page indicates that she was raised in Miami, Florida. Regarding her age, FTN is 26 years old (as of 2021). Every year on June 3, she slices her birthday cake.

Ftn Bae Arrested
Rapper FTN Bae Arrested For Stalking OTF Doodie Lo (source: Urbanislandz)

After viewing her social media posts, it was discovered that FTN is part of a blended family. She is a Christian from a mixed ethnic background of African heritage. Bae does not share the identities of her relatives.

In addition, she attended Florida International University. Throughout his infancy, Music has always piqued Bae’s curiosity.

After completing her post-secondary studies, she started working in the music industry. Bae is now a well-known singer and rapper in the business due to her hard work.

Our research indicates that her mother is a stay-at-home mom, and her Father is a businessman. There are three sisters in her family. FTN has also posted pictures of herself and her family on social media.

What Is Ftn Bae Net Worth In 2024?

The projected value of Curly Red, called FTN Bae, is $4 to $5 million (approx.). She leads a lavish lifestyle with her family in Broward Gardens, Florida, in the United States.

In the end, she adopted the moniker, FTN Bae. Afterward, she released several music albums and songs. She’s also appeared in several music videos.

According to accounts, she began practicing Music at an early age. First and foremost, her stage moniker was Curly Red. She released several songs and albums under the Curly Red moniker.

FTN has performed live on different stage performances, music concerts, and playback singing. Bae has also worked with several well-known singers and rappers.

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