Freddy Dodge

Freddy Dodge From Gold Rush

Riches are not earned through fate. They are earned through hard work and sweat. Gold mining is not just a business from which one can make as much money as they want. It is earned through hours of struggle and pain that one bears. But, for those who have a passion for it, do not stop at any hurdle in front of them.

Freddy Dodge is such an example of a person having a passion for gold mining. Many of us play with toys at the age of eight. But, he already had mining experience when he was eight years old. His popularity grew even more after he appeared on the show “Gold Rush.”

Here, let’s take a look at his life story, a career as a gold miner, personal life, net worth, etc. So, be sure to read this article until the end.

Freddy Dodge From Gold Rush: Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Daughter, Moose
Freddy Dodge

Freddy Dodge From Gold Rush

In 2010, Freddy Dodge made his first appearance in the TV show “Gold Rush.” The show showcases people who are working hard to get rich through gold mining. They mainly mine gold in the Klondike region of Alaska. He worked at first as a consultant on gold finding equipment.

In season two also, he made a cameo appearance. He finally became the full-time member of the show in its third season and started to work with Hoffman. Furthermore, he has also participated in the spin-off series titled “Gold Rush: The Jungle.” It took part in Guyana, unlike the Klondike region.

This time, they had to face a lot of disappointment because they managed to mine very little gold. As a result, they returned to the Klondike region. Freddy helped a lot for the crew members to be successful in their attempts. He aided the Hoffman crew members in the third season to co-design the wash-plan and mining the QOD claim.

In the Guyana jungle in the fourth season, Freddy left the Hoffman crew and teamed up with Derek, who is his older brother, to mine his Carmacks claim. He found out that it was a perfect place where he could yield much gold. This successful attempt helped a lot to increase his earnings and net worth.

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Again after this huge success, he reunited with the Hoffman crew members and became an important wash-plant expert. It was very beneficial for the crew. Due to his plant “Monster Red,” the crew could get their hands on 4000 ounces of gold.

Freddy Dodge Net Worth 2019

Fred Dodge, over the course of his career as an estimated net worth of $400 thousand. Most of his money is earned through his career as a gold miner.

As of 2019, Freddy Dodge has a net worth of $400 thousand. The show had a big role in contributing to his net worth.

In addition to that, he earns a significant amount of money from his appearance on the TV show “Gold Rush.”

Freddy Dodge Daughter and Wife

Freddy is married to Lisa Irene Dodge. They married in 1997. The happy couple has been remaining happy for more than 20 years of their life. They have some ups and downs in their relationship. But who doesn’t? That is what keeps the love between a husband and a wife.

The couple has two lovely daughters, Nikki Dodge and Sammi Dodge. His daughter, Nikki, also possesses similar qualities to him. Nikki has appeared alongside her father in the series, helping him and making him proud. His daughters are not less than him.

Freddy has two daughters, Nikki and Sammi Dodge. Nikki also has the same love for gold mining like his father.

Nikki has said that she also has a big interest in gold mining. Besides that, she also loves traveling. Without a doubt, she will be as great as her father. Regarding Sammi, there is not much information available as she likes to stay away from public attention.

Freddy Dodge Moose

When Fred is not mining gold, he loves to hunt. He loves hunting and competitive shooting. That love for the shooting has led him to be a coach for gun safety. His daughter is also a good shooter but not as good as him.

He holds the record for the largest Canadian moose ever harvested with a muzzle-loaded rifle. His brother Derek Dodge has also appeared in Gold Rush and is a gold prospector. The Dodge family is not to be underestimated.

Early Life

Freddy Dodge was born on December 30, 1966, in Walden, Colorado, the USA, as Freddy Eugene Dodge. He spent his early years growing up on his grandparent’s cattle ranch in Colorado. From a very young age, he had experiences of gold mining.

Freddy Dodge was born on December 30, 1966 and is 53 years old as of 2019.

When he was eight years old, he began mining gold in a creek. There, he worked harder and thus developed his gold mining skills that he has today. He was never confused about what he would do in the future. He was sure about his passion.

From a young age, he was interested and was passionate about gold mining. It was his passion and dream job. Everybody got glad that he pursued his passion and followed his dream job as his skills have benefitted many gold miners.

Social Media Presence

Freddy is active on Facebook and Twitter. He also has an Instagram account. However, he never uses it and never posts anything. So, we have posted the link of only his Facebook and Twitter accounts. He has 68.5 thousand followers on Twitter and 263 thousand followers on Facebook. You can follow him with the links provided.

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