Goo Hara death

This year the K-pop industry has truly faced its highest up and lowest down. From BTS making new history in the music industry to Bigbang members’ discharge from the military, there are many things fans can genuinely rejoice. But Goo Hara’s death has stunned the whole K-pop industry and nation.

Just this year, the K-pop industry has faced the loss of their precious artists. It has not been months, and yet another K-pop artist has surrendered her life to death. It just goes on to show how cruel and hectic the world of K-pop idols really is.

Goo Hara death
Goo Hara died at the age of 28

Goo Hara’s Death: Cause Still Under Investigation

Just this Sunday, Goo Hara, also called Hara by her fans, from the popular Korean girl group, Kara, was found dead in her apartment in Seoul. She was years old.

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However, the cause has not been disclosed. Police are still looking for the cause of her death. And has stated that they will be holding a press briefing on Monday.

Attempted Suicide

Goo  Hara’s death has revealed many issues from the past. Just this year, in May, she was treated in a hospital after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. After recovering, Hara even released a statement apologizing to the fans.

She wrote,

” I am sorry for causing concerns and a commotion… In terms of health, I am recovering… I had been in agony over a number of overlapping issues. But from now on, I will steel my heart and try to show up healthy.”

Moreover, Hara even embarked on her solo career earlier this month. She had signed with a Japanese management agency and even released her debut solo song titled ‘Midnight Queen.’ 

Goo Hara solo career
Goo Hara for Cosmopolitan

Furthermore, she had solo tour dates planned in Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo.

Rumors and Accusations

Though the world of K-pop looks grandiose and glamorous to outsiders like us, it is just as hectic and rough for the stars. The K-netizens are especially hard on the female celebrities where they are forced to maintain a certain level to fit in society.

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Goo Hara had to face such hardship when last year, her ex-boyfriend threatened the star. He accused Hara of assaulting him during their break up. Even though the former Kara member told the Police, he was the one who assaulted her.

As a matter of fact, Goo Hara filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend, who has threatened to release a sexual video of Hara. The alleged ex-boyfriend received a jail sentence in August last year for physically assaulting and blackmailing the star.

Close Friend of Sulli

Many might not know this, but Goo Hara was the close friend of late star Sulli, who committed suicide last month. The 25-year-old was found dead in her apartment after suffering from cyberbullies and additional pressure from the K-pop industry.

Later, Goo Hara was seen posting a tribute to her close friend on Instagram. It read,

” I hope you do what you want to do in the other world, Jinri…”

Goo Hara friend
Goo Hara and Sulli

Soon after her death was announced, many fans have shared their thoughts and messages on her Instagram.

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We will make sure to update you as soon as we get some progress on this matter. As of now, we hope her soul is resting in peace.

Goo Hara Kara
Goo Hara

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