Fired Cop Maegan Hall

You may have heard about the scandal surrounding a female police officer’s affair with six male cops. If not, this article will provide you with the inside scope. 

Maegan Hall, a married Tennessee police officer, recently lost her job due to having an affair with six of her coworkers at the La Vergne Police Department.

She is accused of engaging in extreme sexual antics, such as sending explicit photos and stripping off at a hot tub party for “Girls Gone Wild.

Moreover, she even had oral sex with two police officers on the police station premises. 

Hall eventually acknowledged having affairs during an internal investigation after initially denying it.

Recently, Nashville’s Deja Vu Showgirls have offered the former police officer $10,000 to do two shows at their club.

She hasn’t responded to the offer and will probably not take it. 

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Female Police Officer Affair: Fired For Having Sexual Relationships With Six Male Officers

Female police officer Meagan Hall was fired for having sexual relationships with six officers on and off duty. 

On December 12, 2022, the city’s Human Resources Director was requested to check into the allegations after La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole got information from a source.

The inquiry found that the second-shift cops had secret physical interactions on and off duty.

While on duty, they had private interactions within the station and shared indecent images and videos.

The investigation also stated that other interactions occurred at officers’ football watch parties when they talked about including Maegan Hall and their wives in secret activities.

A work party during an NFL game and a motel after an outing to the Go Kart USA center are where further private interactions are said to have occurred.

Maegan With Other Cop
Maegan With Other Cop (Source: New York Post)

Besides firing, no additional charges have been placed. 

The district attorney for Rutherford County concurred that there was “no evidence” of any criminal activity in the case.

Growing up in a small town in Tennessee, Maegan Hall dreamed of acting.

However, she eventually went into the police department in her 20s and worked the second shift before being fired from the position.

Along with her affairs, Hall’s excessive drinking and mental health problems are said to have alarmed some of her coworkers.

Hall was known for displaying her extensive tattoos on TikTok accounts and has been referred to as a “petite blonde” with a “baby face.”

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Who Is Maegan Hall’s Husband?

Maegan is wedded to Jedidiah Hall, a 28 years old former state park ranger and pastor’s son.

Maegan allegedly told officers that she was in an open marriage, but Jedidiah was unaware and instead confronted his wife of four years for cheating. 

Hall and Jedidiah met in college and got married in November 2018.

In March last year, the pair also purchased their first house together in Manchester.

Maegan With Her Husband
Maegan With Her Husband (Source: Daily Nation Pakistan)

Due to the controversy involving his spouse, Jedidiah discontinued his training for the Tennessee Highway Patrol and accepted a deputy position.

Although his wife was in such a huge scandal, he is standing by her and attempting to resolve their issues.

Many have praised the man for taking a firm stand, and others have criticized his decision.

Moreover, Maegan preferred to “move on” and get on with her life rather than talk about the incident.

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