Elena Moussa

Elena Moussa is a well-known wife of a famous TV personality Gregory John Gutfeld. Furthermore, the former model is now a stylish and fashion entrepreneur. Rather than riding on her husband’s fame, Moussa has paved herself a path in the world of fashion. As of now, she is a reputed fashion icon and powerhouse.

Unlike her husband, Elena does not like to stay in the spotlight. Hence, the former model lives her life in moderation and away from the paparazzi. But we have taken this chance to unveil the secrets of this beauty that lies beneath. Let’s find out what they are.

Elena Moussa
Elena Moussa

Before we go any further, let’s have a look at some of her facts!

Elena Moussa: Quick Facts

Full Name: Elena Moussa
Age: 37 years
Birth Date: May 04, 1982
Horoscope: Taurus
Birth Place: Russia
Education: Parson School of Design, Fashion Institute of Technology
Profession: Stylist and Fashion entrepreneur
Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.74m)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Nationality: Russian
Eye Color: Brown
Waist Size: 24 Inch
Bra Size: 33 Inch
Hip Size: 35 Inch
Social Media: Twitter Instagram

Elena Moussa: Biography

Born on March 4, 1982, Elena belongs to a middle-class family in Russia. Sadly the very existence of her parents has been kept a secret from the media itself. Similarly, Elena is of Russian nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Since Elena spent almost all of her childhood in Russia, most of the new information cannot be found. Eventually, Elena and her family relocated to London, the UK, for a better life.

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Talking about her education, Elean initially studied in The Parson School of Design and later enrolled in the Fashion Technology of Institute in New York. Aside from this, there is no information about her childhood.

Fashion Industry Career

The wife of a famed Television personality, Elena, has kept most of her new information a secret. Because of it, we cannot detect where and how she got to the present situation that she is in today.

Likewise, Elena began her career as a professional news reporter while attending her bachelor’s degree. But, Elena was mostly known as a model at that time. During her time as a model, the 5 feet 8 Inches model graced the cover of many high fashion magazines. Not to mention, the model walked in numerous runways.

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In addition, Elena later worked as a photo editor for Maxim Russia. Currently, the 37 years old Elena owns a fashion shop named Moussa Project in Moscow, which deals with high fashion. Elena Moussa is now an active fashion entrepreneur and stylish.

Elena Moussa Fashion
Elena Moussa Fashion Style
Source: Instagram

Moreover, Elena is highly respected in the world of Fashion and is often recommended by well-known celebrities. Now, the successful entrepreneur is enjoying her life in Fashion as a celebrity stylish.

Elena Moussa Net Worth and Income

Although Elena has yet to reveal her income, her net worth is estimated to be around $2 Million as of 2020. Elena earns enough amount from Fashion designer as well as a news reporter career.

In fact, the fashion designer lives in a luxurious house, uses expensive gadgets and jewelry, and drives lavish cars. Elena seems to have earned enough for her next life.

Personal Life: Husband

The 37-year-old model and entrepreneur met her husband during her career in the UK. Gregory, also known as Greg, was rumored to be gay before his relationship with Elena. Greg used to play controversial roles in his early days, which did not help cool down the rumors.

Born on 12 September 1964, Greg is an American TV personality, blogger, editor, and author. His most popular blog to date is The Daily Gut. Also, as a TV presenter, Greg works with Fox News Channel.

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Now, just from this, we can see the two lived a very different life, not to mention their career itself showed variations. So, how did these two meet? One from fashion and another as a TV personality? Well, we will shed some light on it.

The famous blogger and entrepreneur both met during their work in Maxim Magazine, UK. Surprisingly, Greg deliberately wrote an article about Elena to attract her attention. It seems before they even met, Gutfeld knew about Elena. No, to be precise, he was one of her fans and admirers.

But getting noticed amidst the thousands of fans was not a small task. Considering Elena’s popularity, the thought itself was herculean. However, this is Greg we are talking about. Following the event, Gutfelf wrote an article about her. Moreover, the TV presenter took time illustrating her black hair and brown eyes.

To sum up, he tried hard to impress Elena. And lucky enough, his plan worked. Being noticed by his muse was sure satisfying. While being written an article about her by the famous author and TV personality was an honor for Moussa as well. This led the two to be familiar with each other, and it did not take much for the feelings to grow.

Elena Moussa and Greg Gutfeld
Elena Moussa and Greg Gutfeld

After dating for a long time, the couple tied the knots in 2003 in the presence of their family and close friends. In the first place, the model only got fame after she married her husband, Greg Gutfeld.

Despite being overly successful and famous, Elena is very humble and down to earth. In fact, it seems like Greg is the one shielding Elena from the public eye. Also, He rarely mentions Elena in his interviews. Nonetheless, Elena is active in her social media accounts. Her one means of contact with the chaotic world outside.

In fact, the public gets most of her news through them.

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For now, there has been no news about the child, and it seems it won’t happen any time soon. However, the couple is happily married and is now enjoying a blissful life in each other’s company. Moreover, after marrying Elena, Greg’s image as a Gay also disappeared.

Similarly, after their marriage, Elena retired from the modeling industry and stopped appearing in cover magazines.

Social Media Presence

Although Elena likes to keep a low profile in the media, the now-retired model is relatively active in social media. Mainly on Instagram, she updates quite frequently.

For one thing, Elena’s social media posts are like the holy bible for fashion followers.

Instagram14.6k Followers

Twitter2.2k Followers


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