Dwayne Johnson Mom Car Accident

Rumors about Dwayne Johnson Mom Car Accident have been circulating on the Internet, claiming that she has died. How much of the news is true? Find out here!

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, ranks among the most successful and charismatic Actors America has ever received, and he recently shared a post about his mother’s car accident. 

Before going in-depth on the incident, we want to let you know that Ata Johnson is still alive, and the accident gave her life-taking fatal injuries.

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Dwayne Johnson Mom Car Accident: Ata Johnson Death News

On Wednesday, February 1, 2023, Ata Johnson was involved in a horrific car crash. She was in the car with Dwayne Johnson’s cousin during the tragic accident. 

The good news is that she is still alive and recovering in the hospital, while the bad news is that she still got injured a little, though not highly fatal. 

The Police department of Los Angeles and Dwayne’s family want the car accident to be kept private for security and privacy reasons; thus, it’s unclear where or when exactly the crash happened.

Dwayne also shared a photo of his mother’s crashed Cadillac SUV, a gift from him, on his Instagram account.

He thanked all the LAPD and LAFD for being extremely discrete and focused on handling the case.

Dwayne Johnson Mom Car Accident
Ata Johnson | Dwayne Johnson Mom Car Accident (Source: Instagram)

According to WWE wrestler Lina Fanene, Dwayne’s cousin, who was also involved in the accident, an intoxicated woman recklessly collided with the car they were driving in. 

On the news of Dwayne Johnson’s mom’s car accident, he thanked the heavens above after his mother.

He had already lost one of his close friends, Paul Walker, in a car accident.

Lina Fanene: The Cousin Who Was In The Car During Accident 

Ata Johnson was not alone during the tragic occurrence of the car accident. She was with her niece, Dwayne’s cousin, Lina Fanene. 

Miraculously both of them survived the car crash with no fatal injuries.

However, they had to stay in the hospital for a few days for a physical and mental checkup after the accident.

Lina posted a photo of Dwayne visiting them in the hospital after three days after the accident.

Many WWE fans and wrestlers retweeted and wished them a quick recovery.

Lina Fanine
Dwayne Johnson’s cousin, Lina Fanene, with his mother, Ata Johnson (Source: Instagram)

If you didn’t know, Lina Fanene is a major celebrity in the wrestling world.

She goes by the ring name Nia Jax and is a one-time Raw Women’s Champion and two-time Women’s Tag Team Champion. 

Despite being the cousin of one of the most iconic wrestlers, her WWE career started way late in 2014, when she appeared in the NXT under the ring name Zada. 

Before her wrestling career, Lina also worked as a plus-size model and earned a marketing degree from California State University, San Marcos.

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Dwayne Johnson Father Rocky Johnson Death

Let’s shift from Dwayne Johnson’s mom’s car accident to his Father, Rocky Johnson, who recently had his third death anniversary. 

On January 15, 2020, Rocky Johnson died of a pulmonary embolism in Lutz, Florida, at 75.

Dwayne was devasted when he heard the news of his dad’s death during the filming of “Jungle Cruise.”

His Father, Rocky Johnson, is still considered a legendary wrestler who created history for Black Wrestlers.

Rocky and his partner Tony Atlas, were the first black champions in WWE history after winning the 1983 World Tag Team Championship.

Dwayne Johnson Father
Dwayne Johnson and his late father, Rocky Johnson (Source: People)

The legend died at the home his son bought for him in Florida due to an embolism caused by a blood clot that traveled in his leg. 

He reportedly suffered from flu or some other viral infection, but he refused to see a doctor.

Many famous wrestling identities like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Vince McMahon tweeted condolences on behalf of their family.

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