Duhan Van Der Merwe girlfriend

Despite the rumors of breakups, Duhan Van Der Merwe Girlfriend finally became the athlete’s wife after several years of a committed relationship, as wished by their followers.

Will the ties remain as good as before, and how long will they last?

Duhan van der Merwe is a South African professional rugby winger representing Edinburgh Rugby and Scotland national rugby teams.

The young athlete has already made deep marks in the world of rugby.

The 28 years old rugby wing was born on June 4, 1995, in the George City of South Africa, in the Western Cape district. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available about Duhan’s family, but he was born and raised alongside his senior brother, Akker van der Merwe.

Akker is the only notable relative of the young athlete.

In his early days of struggle, Duhan played for numerous rugby teams and scored several outstanding goals.

Neither was the roadway accessible nor was his effort low for the young Scottish sportsman.

From representing teams in Schoolboy and rookie rugby to changing cities to play for youth teams and finally reaching fame and success, Duhan has come a long way.

People tend to ignore it, but with fame and success, controversies and unwanted publicity come.

Similarly, several rumors are floating around about Duhan van der Merwe’s girlfriend.

Recently, the headlines are covered with rumours of Duhan van der Merwe’s girlfriend marrying him after a long-term and pretty disclosed relationship.

And after a week, when the couple posted photos of their wedding day on their respective Instagram handles, the internet shook its head.

Followers seem to be extremely happy after learning about the rumours of Duhan van der Merwe’s girlfriend turning into his wife.

So here, get a proper insight into the details about who is Duhan van der Merwe girlfriend and now wife, Nika Badenhors.

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Duhan Van Der Merwe Girlfriend: Details Of Nika Badenhors

According to the sources, Duhan van der Merwe’s wife, Nika Badenhors, has been together with the rugby winger since his professional debut, and they are even married now.

Duhan is open about his life but has remained quiet about his relationships.

Lately, people have got enough topics to debate, especially about the personal life of South African-born athletes.

Many people believe Duhan van der Merwe girlfriend, Nika, is his long-term partner, but they aren’t married yet, but let’s be clear they are now a married couple.

Duhan Van Der Merwe girlfriend
Duhan Van Der Merwe With His Then Girlfriend And Now Wife, Nika Badenhorst, In Manchester. (Source: Instagram)

According to the sources, Duhi tied the nuptial knot with his long-time or probably school-time girlfriend, Miss Badenhorst, on January 29, 2023.

The whole internet congratulated the couple for their happy life.

Duhan’s wife’s Linkedin and social media profiles say the lady is into sustainable fashion and modelling.

Nika Badenhorst is a social media influencer and eco-fashion advocate.

According to her Linkedin profile, the lady’s passion is slow fashion and ethical production of high-quality and sustainable garments.

Duhan van der Merwe’s wife holds a Bachelor of Consumer Science (Fashion Small Business Management Stream).

Further, the social media influencer is currently studying CMI Level 5 Award in Management and leadership through The Open University Business School and CMI.

Unfortunately, the origin & background details about Duhan van der Merwe’s wife need to be discovered, and researchers are already working to speculate available information to conclude.

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Duhan van der Merwe Relationship And Dating History

Duhan is one of the famous personalities in the world of rugby.

The winger of Edinburgh Rugby probably had past relationships, but none of them is publicly disclosed.

The relationship which the athlete made public was with his now wife, Nika, aka Neeks.

During his long journey and struggle to rise to the peak, Duhi had one permanent thing, his girlfriend.

According to the sources, the couple had been dating since school and eventually ended up marrying each other.

Duhan Van Der Merwe girlfriend
Duhi With His Girlfriend On Their Wedding Day, January 29, 2023. Alkira Lodge. (Source: Instagram)

And with the probable cause of keeping things off the public eye, the athlete’s relationship history hasn’t been disclosed.

Duhan van der Merwe’s girlfriend has been dating him for a very long and now, after the marriage, the couple is living happily together.

Further details about the relationship history of Duhan van der Merwe’s wife are still in the discovery phase, and researchers are working to find other crucial information about the couple.

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