Richard Ramirez is one of the well known serial killer, rapist, and what not. This individual is well known for many negative reasons. But today, we are talking about his partner, who set a benchmark in relationship with Doreen Lioy.

Well, Dooren is a journalist who stood by Ramirez’s side till his end and wrote letters to him, showing her love and support. Lioy’s belief that Ramirez being innocent made her fall in love with him. This, however, is one of the most exciting yet most talked about love stories. Here we will let you know more about the journalist Doreen Lioy.

Doreen Lioy Net Worth
Doreen Lioy and Richard Ramirez

But first, some quick facts tend to help the search

Doreen Lioy: Quick Facts

Full Name Doreen Lioy
Date of Birth Under Review
Nickname Doreen
Marital Status Divorced
Birthplace Burbank, USA
Ethnicity White
Net Worth $600k
Profession Journalist
Nationality American
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye color Black


Doreen Lioy is one of the most talked ladies for sure, but her information is so precisely hidden that nothing is found. She was born in Burbank, and beyond this, nothing is known to anyone. Neither the name of her parents nor the sibling’s name is known to the general media.

She was born in the states and held the American nationality and also the white ethnicity. Due to the lack of information on the exact date of birth, there is no validity for the horoscope.

Age and Body Measurements

Lioy is silent about her date of birth, which makes us harder to know her exact age but looking at the image, and we feel that she must be in her late 50’s at this point. Her height is pretty less than that of her husband, who was 6’1″, so we feel that she is somewhere to 5’7″, but her weight is not known to the general media. Sadly the vital body statistics are also missing from the count.

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Moreover, the fair complexion skin tends to suit her and the personality never to let it go even though something is not right is the sign of a pretty determined lady. To complete the overall outlook though sparkling pair of black eyes and dark brown are the physical appearance completers.

Early Life and Education

Doreen was born in Burbank and spent most of her childhood there with her family and siblings. Even though there is no information on the family and siblings, sources suggest that her childhood was well pampered off. The freedom to choose a career to be it in journalism or supporting evil something fascinating.

For the educational background, though there is hardly any information available. Lioy is lip tight on it. Looking at her prowess in the field of journalism, we feel that she graduated in the field of journalism, but nothing of surety is available to date.


Doreen is a pretty famous name at this point. Not only due to her fame but the fame of her husband, who is a well-known killer. But Lioy herself did have a pretty decent career before meeting Richard.

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Doreen is a pretty good editor in the magazine, but her name inevitably comes up for the wrong reasons. Besides working as the magazine editor, she worked in a TV documentary, THS Investigates: Love Behind Bars.

Not only the work in magazines, but she is also the author of the book Richard Ramirez: The Night Stalker. This book got the recognition related to the crimes Richard has committed. Lioy is a pretty decent lady who has worked well to form a career, but hardly her success is spoken of than her lover.

Doreen Lioy Husband

Undoubtedly, one of the best and most highly discussed relationships belongs to none other than Doreen Lioy and Richard Ramirez. One being the killer and another the psychic lover who used to write a massive number of love letters.

Both of them met way back in 1985 and started dating immediately. Lioy fell in love with Richard when she saw him being arrested. After dating for over 11 years, both walked down the aisle on October 3, 1996. This event took place in California’s San Quentin State Prison.

Doreen Lioy husband
Richard Ramirez

Both of them were in such deep love with each other that Lioy wrote over 70 letters for her man in the prison and also never failed to meet him at least four times a week. This shows her utter dedication and determination for the serial killer. But they didn’t have any children together.

At the time of Richard’s execution, there were rumors that they got separated and we do not see each other. Some sources claim that killing a 9-year-old boy Richard was the reason for their separation, but actual information is undoubtedly not known.

Doreen Lioy Net Worth

Doreen is a controversial woman, which can be known because her association with Richard created first page headlines. Before being associated with Ramirez, there was no limelight on her. At this point though, sources suggest that her net worth is $600k.

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Sadly there is no information available about the annual income or also the assets owned. After the death of her husband, she just disappeared, so that it may be the reason for no particular concrete information.

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