Does Taz Skylar have a tongue piercing

Social media news leads us to an interesting question: Does Taz Skylar have a tongue piercing?

Taz Skylar is a famous actor and screenwriter based in London, well known for portraying Sanji in the Netflix series One Piece.

Skylar was born on 5 December 1995 in the Canary Islands, Spain. He self-written off-West-end play Warheads was a great success. He has also written and starred in Gassed Up for Amazon Prime.

Furthermore, the actor has starred in many movies and television series, including Venom, Beautiful, Trophy, Multi-racial, Final Gife, Dead Silent, The Reserves and many more.

Skylar was also awarded the People’s Choice Award in 2018 for his incredible work in the film Multi-racial. Some news about Skylar’s Tongue piercing and illness might surface on social media. Let’s discuss it below.

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Does Taz Skylar Have A Tongue Piercing?

It is an interesting topic among fans to discuss about Taz getting tongue piercing. What do you think? Does Taz Skylar have a tongue piercing?

It seems Taz himself has not announced or revealed anything about his tongue piercing, and it’s unknown whether he has done tongue piercing or not.

Does Taz Skylar have a tongue piercing?
Fans are curious about Skylar getting a tongue piercing. (Source: Instagram)

But in some videos of Taz, we can see some ring-like things in his mouth while he is talking. That’s why fans are becoming more curious about this.

In social media, especially on TikTok, Taz fans have shared some of his videos where we can see something inside his mouth while he is talking.

So, he might have done it. But as Tak Skylar has not announced himself about this, we are unsure about his tongue piercing.

Taz Skylar Illness

Concerning Taz Skylar’s illness, he had been through some stressful and worrying problems in his life.

Before the actor was involved in acting, Skylar wanted to be involved in the British Army. But during that time, he suffered a concussion after his car accident, preventing him from participating as a reservist in the British Army.

 According to The Cinemaholic, in his early 20s, Skylar faced the challenges of anorexia and bulimia.

Furthermore, Skylar underwent a process of complete disassociation from food to overcome those struggles.

But thankfully, Skylar battled with all the problems and emerged as an intense and passionate artist in the industry.

Taz Skylar Health Update 2023

Talking about Tak Skylar’s health status in 2023, it seems tha actor is currently fine and healthy.

No serious information has been announced about his health, which denotes that he is currently okay and fine in 2023.

The actor is actively working in his respective field to entertain many viewers. And people love his dedication and hard work toward his roles in movies.

Does Taz Skylar have a tongue piercing?
Taz Skylar is currently fine and healthy in 2023. (Source: Instagram)

Health is an essential factor to consider. And as an artist, it becomes more responsible to keep yourself mentally and physically strong.

So, no information has been announced or confirmed his illness in 2023, which means Taz Skylar is living his happy and healthy days.

Overall, Taz Skylar is an incredible artist. He has gained much love and support from his fans and followers. He is progressing each day, and we wish his legacy to continue further.

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