DJ Fatxo Scandal

DJ Fatxo Scandal has been gaining amass attention after allegedly getting associated with the death of his young colleague.

Mugithi artist DJ Fatxo was involved in an incident involving the death of a colleague named Jeff, who committed suicide, but the story raises more questions than answers.

The claim is that Jeff committed suicide by jumping from the 12th floor of the Safari Park Estate in Kasarani. The family claims that Jeff was murdered inside DJ Fatxo’s House and thrown from the top floor to make it look like suicide.

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DJ Fatxo Scandal – Why Did Police Invade His Ndi Mang’a Launch?

On October 17, 2021, Kikuyu secular musician DJ Fatxo apologized to his fans after his music launch was interrupted and stopped by the Police.

Singer Mugithi also promised to set another date and venue for the release of his famous song titled “Ndi Mang’a.”

Police stormed his music performance and ordered everyone to leave, claiming they were not following the protocols set by the coronavirus pandemic.

DJ Fatxo Scandal
DJ Fatxo apologized to his fans amid the scandal (Source: Facebook)

Singer Mugithi Kajei Salim was on stage entertaining fans before he was stopped by a group of Police officers who stormed the club. The event was held at La Cascada club in Rwaka.

DJ Fatxo wrote- “At times, words may not express the pain in our hearts, and at times the strongest are the weakest. I take this chance to apologize to all the fans that turned up huge for me yesterday.”

He further added- “We live to fight another day. Another day will be announced to you very soon for us to launch Ndi Mang’a Album,” 

Is DJ Fatxo associated with the death of a Young Colleague? 

On Tuesday, March 7, news quickly spread that a young man, Geoffrey “Jeff” Mwati, had died under unknown circumstances after falling from the 12th-floor apartment of DJ Fatxo on Thika Street.

According to reports, the victim spent the day with a famous DJ and decorated his shop. A chronology of events shows that they went to different entertainment centers in the evening of the same day.

DJ Fatxo Scandal
DJ Fatxo, one of the talented musicians (Source: Facebook)

CCTV footage seen by Police showed Fatxo, Mwathi, and the three women riding into Disk’s apartment before things escalated.

According to the victim’s uncle, Fatxo and the three women left the House around 4 am, leaving Jeff in the House with two other men.

The family is now demanding justice, saying their son had no intention of harming himself, according to Police.

It turns out that DJ Fatxo wrote a mysterious message the day before Jeff fell to his death. It’s a message that sparked a reaction from his fans, especially when he came so close to the young man’s death.

Learn More About DJ Fatxo Personal Life

DJ Fatxo’s birth name is Lawrence Njuguna Wagura. His popularity has steadily increased due to his mastery of the Kikuyu language.

He is among the youngest and most talented music artists, with various opportunities nationwide.

He pursued as the official DJ of the sailor group and started working as a DJ. He later felt the urge to try his hand at music and started composing his songs.

DJ Fatxo Scandal
DJ Fatxo with his wife (Source: Opera News)

His first song was titled ‘Ndi Mang’a.’ It was well-received, garnering over 2.8 million views in just eight months.

He is one of Nyandarua County’s music artists, attracting Kenyans from the central region of Kenya, especially Samidoh and Jose Gatutura.

DJ Fatxo is married to a wonderful wife and Father of one child. His love for them finds time for them in his busy schedule. He recently signed a deal with Lesedi as a brand ambassador.

His deep singing voice makes his fans always want to listen to him. He is undoubtedly a talent to watch in the Joe industry.

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