Tara Lipinski husband and family

Skating fans and sports fans might be familiar with Tara Lipinski. People seek further information about the pro skater and former sports commentator on the Internet. Did Tara Lipinski Have A Baby?

Tara Kristen Lipinski, shortly Tara Lipinski, is a former competitive skate figure and sports commentator who now became Actress and documentary film producer in America.

The former competitive female skater is from the U.S. Tara began her skating career in 1988 and retired from her amateur career in 1998. In 2002, she officially retired from her pro skating career. 

Also, Lipinski is the youngest female to receive an Olympic gold medal in her sport. The American figure skater won the gold medal in 1998. 

Sadly, Lipinski announced her departure from the 1998 World Championship in March because she had a serious glandular infection.

Here is a lesser-known fact about one of the most beautiful female athletes — Tara Lipinski’s severe glandular infection made her retire from her skating career because the condition required her to extract two molars.

So Tara dealt with constant fatigue and possible mononucleosis.

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Did Tara Lipinski Have A Baby With Her Husband? Meet Her Husband, Todd Kapostasy

Former competitive figure skater Tara Lipinski has no children as of May 2024. 

Tara Lipinski husband
Tara Lipinski with her husband, Todd Kapostasy. (Source: Page Six)

As mentioned earlier, Lipinski hasn’t given birth to any kids. Olympic gold medalist Lipinski, 40, seems to have no plan to bear children.

Perhaps, the beautiful sportswoman might adopt kids in the coming days, but she is a bit senior to have children of her own. Aged women have high risks while delivering a baby and are not considered safe. 

The Olympic gold medalist is in a relationship with her husband, Todd Kapostasy. 

Beautiful former professional figure skater Tara Lipinski tied the knot with sports producer Todd Kapostasy in June 2017.

Lipinski and her husband Kapostasy met at the 2015 Sports Emmys. She presented Kapostasy’s award, and they began their relationship.

The two dated for two years and announced their marriage in 2017. Scott Hamilton and Johnny Weir were bridesmen, and other big-name sports personalities were invited to their wedding. 

Todd Kapostasy, Lipinski’s husband, is a famous sports producer. She and Todd rarely publicly announced their wish to become parents together.

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Tara Lipinski’s Family Ethnicity And Religion

Tara Kristen Lipinski, shortly Tara Lipinski was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 10 June 1982 to Jack and Patricia. Lipinski is the only child of her parents, Jack and Patricia. 

Lipinski belongs to American-Polish ancestry. The former skater figure holds American nationality and is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

Tara Lipinski family and parents
Tara Lipinski reveals her Catholic devotion. (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Speaking of her parent’s nationality, they lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her family’s race is White.

Unfortunately, not much is revealed about the beautiful former skater’s family background. She has rarely given out about her family heritage.

Speaking of Lipinski’s religion, she was Catholic at the time of her Olympic win. Tara has been a great devotee of St. Therese of Lisieux since 1994.

In 1998, the former figure skater credited St. Therese for her gold medal win in the Olympics. Also, Lipinski credits church for the quick recovery from her hip surgery in 2000.

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