Elizabeth Holmes Plastic Surgery

Did Elizabeth Holmes get a plastic surgery? There have been rumors and speculation that she underwent plastic surgery as CEO of Theranos.

Elizabeth Holmes is an American former biotechnology entrepreneur and a convicted fraudster.

At 19, Holmes left Stanford University to launch Theranos in 2003.

According to the Company’s claims, one drop of blood could be used to do several blood tests, but it was later discovered that the technology did not function as promised.

In June 2018, Holmes was charged with wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

She was charged with misrepresenting the capabilities of Theranos’ technology and the Company’s financial situation to investors, patients, and physicians. 

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Did Elizabeth Holmes Get A Plastic Surgery? Before And After

There are rumors and speculation that Elizabeth Holmes had cosmetic surgery when she was Theranos’ CEO.

Some have speculated that she underwent cosmetic surgery, including a nose job, to change her appearance. Yet there is no actual proof to back up these rumors.

But, no dependable source has corroborated Holmes’ use of cosmetic or plastic surgery, and Holmes has never openly acknowledged doing so. 

Elizabeth Holmes Plastic Surgery
There are rumors and speculation that Elizabeth Holmes had cosmetic surgery when she was Theranos’ CEO (Source: Vanityfair)

Not to mention, in 2019, she debuted a softer and warmer beauty that appeared in front of her criminal trial.

The controversial Theranos founder achieved this shift in her appearance by using bold hairstyles and little makeup.

With a blow-out and some barrel curls, Holmes’ famous locks, bleached, straightened, and worn in a ponytail ever since she first gained fame back in the aughts, grew more prominent and better.

Nevertheless, Holmes packed away her heavily applied kohl eyeliner, extremely red lipstick, and the too-light foundation that would complete the look, so it was a make-under in the makeup department.

Instead, Holmes opted for a more muted color scheme that complemented her natural skin tone and enhanced the contours of her face to give her a cozier and softer appearance in court.

Elizabeth Holmes Relationship Timeline

Theranos’s founder Elizabeth Holmes has been involved in a few high-profile relationships.

Sunny Balwani, the president and COO of Theranos, and Holmes dated one other for several years.

Balwani was subsequently indicted on criminal counts connected to the Company’s fraud. The pair split up when Theranos started to come under Fire.

Further, in 2019, Elizabeth Holmes briefly married wealthy hotel heir Billy Evans. The pair conducted a brief wedding ceremony in California, but they eventually separated, and the marriage was annulled.

Holmes had a long relationship with Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, a senior Executive at Theranos before she got married to Evans.

When Theranos drew attention, Balwani was indicted on criminal charges associated with the Company’s deception, and the pair split up.

Elizabeth Gives Birth To 2nd Child As She Tries To Avoid Prison.

According to a federal court record, Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced founder of Theranos, who was given a sentence of more than 11 years in jail for several fraud charges, has given birth to her second child.

Elizabeth Holmes Plastic Surgery
Elizabeth Holmes has given birth to her second child (Source: People)

Her defense team disclosed the birth of her second child in a motion they submitted last week in federal court, arguing that since Holmes was not a flight risk, she shouldn’t be detained while she appeals her sentence.

On the other hand, in advance of her felony fraud trial in Redwood City, California, scheduled for July 10, 2021, Elizabeth and her partner Billy welcomed their first child, a baby boy called William Holmes Evans, according to ABC News.

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