Dian Parkinson

Dian Parkinson is one of the leading American models. The charming personality has been part of many ramp walks and also accompanied in prize distribution in various shows. The beautiful actress represented the USA in the international miss world contest and finished runner up.

The highs and lows of the model are something the readers will surely love to the reader about and know what the story of such a successful model. So, hang on to the seats to know more and read till the end.

Dian Parkinson

Before directly knowing about the diva, let’s understand some of the facts!

Dian Parkinson: Quick Facts

Full Name Dianna Lynn Batts
Date of Birth 1944/11 /30
Nickname Diane Parkinson
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Jacksonville, North Carolina
Height 5’7″
Profession Actress, Model
Nationality American
Weight 56 kgs
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Build 36-23-37
Famous for The price is right
Net Worth $1 million


Dianna Lynn Batts, AKA Dian Parkinson was born on 30th November 1944 in Jacksonville, North Carolina. The American beauty is best for her longest serve in Baker’s beauty ” the price is right.”

Surprisingly the model who will rule the world grew up in a rigorous family. The religious family in which the diva grew, it didn’t allow much modeling, but if something is meant to happen, it will. The concealed behavior of Danie allowed her to participate in beauty shows.

Even after being a model, the surprising matter of fact is that she has kept some of her information to herself. The list of secrets starts from not revealing the name of the family members as well as the name of her siblings.

Age and Body Measurements

Dian is 76 years old as of now. She stands at the height of 5’7” and weighs 56 kgs. Her average height is accompanied by a cute smile, which makes her one to look out for. Her vital body statistics stand at 36-23-37 inches.

Dian might be approaching her 80’s, but the charm never seems to get out of her way. In her prime, she might be ruling the boy’s heart with her charisma.

To complete the physical outlook, blonde hair, along with blue eyes, plays the lead role.


One of the leading ladies who participated in the Miss World contest is Diane Parkinson. The lady had a strong will and never-ending determination that led her to success.

The journey of being one of the highly-rated models started from participation in the Miss District of Columbia competition in 1965, which she won.

Dian parkinson
Dian Parkinson participating in Miss USA

The hunger went on, and she participated in miss USA title the same year and ended the fourth runner up. Instinctively 1965 was one of the most successful years for the lady professionally as well.  The work ethic of the lady never seemed to fade away, and she joined legendary performer bob hope in his show USO as well.

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The hard work always pays off, and similar was when the diva was selected as queen of the Bob Hope Desert Classic 1965 golf tournament.

The Price Is Right

The price is one of the most famous shows whose lead face surely was Diane Parkinson. Most of the readers may not know the lady entered the show as a substitute to Anita ford in mid-April. Astonishingly she was only for 3 shows, but her charm made her remain forever. The substitution ended, and later she again returned to the show in August and never left still.

Dian became a household name and remained with the show for 18 years. Agreeably it is the second-longest time spend in a show behind Janice Pennington. Interestingly with the presence of the sexy figure, the lady has nicknamed the bikini-clad vixen as well.  The model was featured on the cover page of Playboy magazine in the December issue of 1991 and may issue of 1993.

In addition to that, the lady has also been featured in the movie named Jerry and even the series Ted’s moment of glory. The appearance went on to the crime show Vegas as well, where she landed her performances.


Well, the departure from the show after 18 years didn’t result in good for Diane. The fans made speculations that the feud with Janice made her leave the show. Surprisingly, in 1994, the woman filed the case against Bob Barker in  Law Angeles Superior Court for sexual harassment.

The allegations were made that she was forced to have a 3-year sexual relationship to stay in the show. However, Barker admitted in a press conference that they were in physical contact, but it was all in the consent.

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Barker ended the press conference with a vow to sue her as well. In the end, Diane dropped the allegations, and it never went to the court for investigations.

Personal life

The American model was keen on keeping most of her information under the radar. But on the contrary, the sources were able to find, and rumors were there that she married Robert. C. Gardener in 2000. Before tying the knot with the man, she was rumored to be in relation to a photographer Bert Stern.

The list of her relationship went on and on. The list added a name in it, Bob Barker, who took a lot of hype and lots of controversy with it as well.

Net Worth| How Much Does Dian Parkinson Earns?

The graceful model is believed to have made a lot of wealth. The wealth is accumulated mainly due to modeling, acting in movies and TV shows, and judging. As of 2020, Parkinson’s net worth stands at $1million. This is undoubtedly an enticing amount.

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Although the net worth is known to the general media, nothing on the annual income and assets owned is known to anyone. Parkinson’s career might be at a halt at this point, but she undoubtedly saved a lot to make a beautiful lifestyle.

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