Dexta Daps Kids

People want to know more about Dexta Daps Kids as he was widely publicized by infidelity allegations, which made his fans curious about his personal life.

Louis Grandison, often known as Dexta Daps, Dappa Don, or Dexta, is a dancehall and reggae artist from Jamaica. Grandison’s career began in 2012, when his first two tracks, “Save me Jah” and “May you be,” were released.

Though he released several songs between the times (such as “Grease mi Gun” and “Dis a di Bess”), he indeed rose to prominence in 2014 with his songs “Morning Love” and “Jealous Ova,” the latter of which featured another young dancehall musician Tifa.  

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Dexta Daps followed the popularity trend into 2015. With over 13 million views on YouTube, “Shabba Madda Pot” has become one of Grandison’s most memorable songs.

He has worked with various dancehall musicians, including Kranium, Masicka, and Movado, as well as foreign artists like M.I.A, Kiesza, and Tory Lanez. 

Does Dexta Daps Kids With His Wife Lexi Daps

Dexta Daps’ wife is Lexi Daps. Yet, there is little information available on the internet about his married life. No information on whether Dexta and Lexi Daps have children together is available. 

Additionally, his wife reacted to the widely publicized infidelity allegations against him, which will be covered in further detail later.

There is no information on how long the pair have been married or how they met, although they appear to have been together for several years.

Dexta Daps Kids
Dexta Daps With His Wife, Lexi Daps (Source: Thetropixs)

Dexta’s alleged wife addressed the situation on her Instagram live. In the video, she sits beside the artist, discussing the issue with the Guyana woman. “Yes, that girl is insane,” she says. Loco. She’s all right.”

His wife was entirely on his side. However, unfortunately, what is done in the dark must eventually be revealed. Dexta and the lady were spotted entering the hotel together on hotel security cameras.

He enters the elevator a few steps ahead, and she quickly follows. Then there’s a video of them in the hotel room together, indicating he lied. Yet, what transpired between Dexta and his wife in the aftermath of the tragedy remains unknown.

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Who Are Dexta Daps Parents? Family Explored

Dexta was born and reared in Jamaica’s Seaview Garden. Famous dancehall icon and DJ Bounty Killer called him one of the best musicians to watch in January 2015.

Daps grew up in the West Kingston, Jamaica area of Seaview Gardens, which is noted for its poverty and tight community and for being the home of Jamaican reggae musicians such as Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer, and Elephant Man, among others.

Dexta Daps
Dexta Daps with her mother (Source: Trendingpal)

Growing up on the streets, he learned to express himself via music the best way he knew. ” I’d hear the beautiful voices of the children pleading for aid, as well as the anguish of the people. 

Their voices and desire for vengeance inspired him and inspired him to create songs of pleasure and joy,” he remarked.

In 2017, he played at Reggae Sumfest. He’s worked with M.I.A. (rapper) and Blakkman on several projects. As a reaction to Daps’ song Owner, reggae singer D’Angel released the song Whipped in 2017.

He has a handful of successful songs to his name. Among these are the chart-topping singles Bad, Breaking News, Leader, and Big Moves, among many more.

What Is Dexta Daps Net Worth In 2023?

Dexta Daps’ net worth is believed to be about 1.15 million dollars. He earns $19,11 thousand monthly, for $286.7 thousand annually.

Because he has been a professional vocalist for so long, this is where most of his money comes from. He is also the creator of several videos, most of which are uploaded on YouTube.

In addition, he earns a substantial sum of money from his musical appearances. Those who attend live events are often forced to pay a minimum fee of around $37.

The availability of premium seating choices and festival passes, among other factors, will cause prices to rise.

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