Dew Anderson

The new season of the dating series “Are You the One?” premiered exclusively on Wednesday, January 18 in the US and Canada. It has 22 members, and Dew Anderson is one of them.

Relationship expert and TV host Kamie Crawford will host the first-of-its-kind global edition, which will take the contestants to Gran Canaria, Spain.

An official trailer and key image were also released. As fans remember, the first eight seasons of Are You the One aired on MTV.

However, that will change in Season 9. The dating series is moving from MTV to Paramount+, the streaming home of past seasons of Are You the One except for seasons 3 and 5.

The producers will use an algorithm to match the contestants to their perfect matches. And their goal is to find the perfect match, which is not always easy.

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Who Is Dew Anderson From Are You the One?

Dew Anderson is one of the contestants of the season 9 dating series ” Are You The One” which premiered on Wednesday, January 18, in the US and Canada.

Dew is a health and fitness model from Spain. She supports body positivity and believes in women’s empowerment.

Gorgeous Spanish beauty is here to find a perfect match for her.

Twenty-two single men and women from all over the world gathered under one roof at an international location.

Dew Anderson
Dew Anderson, Reality TV Star from Are You The One (Source: Instagram)

These men and women must go through the most ambitious dating experiment through an extensive matching process to find their “perfect match.”

Each week, individuals will have the opportunity to find their match, and if they manage to identify all 11 perfect matches at once, they will share a huge cash prize.

These singles will have a common goal: to find “the one.”

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Dew Anderson Age Family Parents

Dew Anderson is a public figure. She has over 24K followers with 98 posts. Anderson goes by the username @diouuu on her Instagram Account. 

The beautiful Dew has not revealed her age. The star of the reality show has yet to reveal that.

However, from her appearance, we can deduce that she is in her twenties.

Dew Anderson
Dew Anderson with her friends (Source: Instagram)

Speaking of her parents, Anderson herself has yet to reveal any information about them. She seems to prefer to keep her parents off social media platforms.

Dew has not posted any photos with her parents on her social networks (Instagram account). Therefore, we can wait for her to reveal something about them.

As for her marital status, she is single and on a mission to find her perfect match. That’s why Anderson is in the ninth season of “Are You the One” to be found by Mr. Right.

Moreover, the reality TV star is very active on her social media. She keeps updating health and fitness tips on her social media handles.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Dew Anderson?

Considering the fact that Dew Anderson is a public figure and social influencer, she must have a substantial amount of net worth that leads to her quality lifestyle.

However, there is no concrete figure of money that she makes or earns.

Dew Anderson
Dew Anderson at Solheimasandur Plane Wreck (Source: Instagram)

The reality TV star has a mass fan following. And it is for sure her net worth is going to increase with the opportunity and the exposure from the show.

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